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Parent Update #17 January 10-14

Welcome Back!!!

We hope you had a healthy and restful Christmas break and a great start to online learning. We hope by this point your child has settled into a new routine of online learning and they have a comfortable work space at home with access to their virtual classroom. If at this point they are having issues connecting with the class, please reach out to the teacher to ensure your child is attending class each day and completing the tasks. We will continue to watch for announcements from the Minister of Education and the Province of Ontario, and we will communicate information to you as it becomes available regarding the upcoming weeks.

Access to Your Child’s Learning Platform:

Respectfully, we understand and appreciate this mode of learning can present challenges for your family as you juggle your child’s schedule and other demands. We want to assure each of you that we will be as flexible as possible and ensure each child has everything they need to access learning. We know that usernames and passwords are very important right now for your child to be successful in connecting with their classroom and teacher. Please see the following reminders for logging into the different platforms. The three ### below refers to the last three numbers for your child’s password:
D2L Brightspace – usernames will follow:
Google Classroom – usernames will follow: (Chromebooks will need the Google account to login into the device) unless you use ‘Guest’
Office 365 (same as D2L)

*Passwords are the same for both D2L and Google Classroom

Having Tech Issues? Contact our HCDSB Help Desk for Remote Learners  

Absences During Remote Learning

If your child will be late or absent, please report the absence to the school, using School Messenger (same as during in-person instruction). If the absence will be prolonged, please connect with your child’s teacher. 

MindUP Lesson #6 for students

Your child/children will be continuing lesson six next week, Mindful Smelling from January 10-14.  During the lesson, your child will learn about Dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters which plays a role in producing and regulating positive feelings such as pleasure, hopefulness, optimism, and interest.  When your child/children have sufficient levels of dopamine “feel-good” neurotransmitter in their brain they are more able to maintain motivation, delay gratification, and feel rewarded and content.   Dopamine effects the brain’s ability to create positive feelings necessary to concentrate, pay attention, remember, and keep trying…all things critical to their learning.  During this lesson they will be practicing to focus on new senses.  This will broaden their ability to observe, enjoy their experiences, give them the opportunity to be fully engaging in what they’re doing while strengthening their self-awareness and self-control. Ask your child/children about the senses that they like and dislike.   

Shannon, JasonParent Update #17 January 10-14