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Weekly Update: March 8-12

Weekly Update: March 8-12

“Lent is a time for reconsidering our feelings, for letting our eyes be open to injustice, to open our hearts to those suffering.”Pope Francis

We had a wonderful week back to school.  As we celebrate our third week of Lent, we continue to challenge ourselves to do something nice for someone.  Even just a smile can change the day for someone.  We look forward to another great week at OLF.

School Uniform Vote

Each family have received 1 ballot and therefore 1 vote.  Thank you to those families who have returned the ballot already.  Please return your completed ballot as soon as possible. All votes must be received by Thursday, March 11, 2021.

New COVID Protocol

The COVID-19 School Screening Tool has been changed and will now require students and staff with any new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19, even those with only one (1) symptom, must stay home until:

 •           They receive a negative COVID-19 test result.; OR

•            They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional.; OR 

•            It has been 10 days since their symptom onset, and they are feeling better.

 Parents and guardians are reminded to complete the COVID-19 School Screening Tool for each child every day before leaving home for school or child care:

2. Self-Isolation Requirements for Families in a Household

The Ministry of Health has now indicated that all individuals living in the same household are now required to self-isolate when a family member has COVID-19 symptoms, even if the family member only has one (1) symptom. 

The following isolation requirements now apply:

 All members in a household of a symptomatic individual are required to self-isolate until the individual:

o            Receives a negative COVID-19 test result; OR

o            Receives an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional.

  If someone in your household tests positive, or is not tested and does not receive an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional:  

 o           This individual must isolate (including from others in your household) for 10 days from the date of experiencing symptoms. AND

o            All members of the same household must isolate for 14 days from their last date of exposure with the symptomatic family/household member.

We appreciate your support in keeping our students and staff at OLF safe.

Virtual Family Math Night

On Thursday, March 25th at 6:00 pm, families are invited to attend our virtual math night and engage in some fun activities and games. Teachers are excited to share what has been happening in their classrooms with our community and provide them with ideas on how to further support their child’s learning at home. An email was sent out on Friday, March 5th with information on how to register. Looking forward to a great night! 

Supporting our Community – Lenten Food Drive

On Saturday, March 13th from 10-12 pm, we will be holding our Lenten Food Drive to support our local community.  We will be accepting non-perishable food items as well as gift cards for grocery stores.  We will be offering a reverse curbside pickup.  You drive up to the front of the school, pop your trunk and one of our volunteers will accept your donations.  We thank you in advance for your generosity during this Lenten season for families in need.  Please see the attachment for recommended items.

Chocolate School Fundraiser

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Council has partnered with Purdy’s Chocolatier to provide an opportunity for our families to purchase Easter themed chocolate. Purdy’s chocolates are crafted in Canada with premium-quality ingredients and 100% sustainable cocoa. 25% of all orders will come back to the school to directly support students!

Please read the attached letter for further information about how to order these amazing treats.

Purdy’s Chocolate Spring Fundraiser.docx 

2021 Easter Catalogue .pdf 

School Bell Time – Dropping off Items

We have been experiencing many students arriving late to school.  Please keep in mind that our school day begins at 8:20 and that students who arrive after this time are considered late.  Please ensure that students arrive to school with all their belongings such as a water bottle, snow pants, running shoes as we would like to limit the number of disruptions during the school day.

Kiss N Ride

Please remember some of these safety tips to help keep our students and families safe.

  • This lane is intended for a quick drop off and then continue on.
  • We ask that you pull as far forward as possible in the lane to prevent congestion by the garbage bins.
  • Students should be exiting the vehicle on the passenger side of the car to avoid exiting into traffic.
  • Once your child(ren) has exited the car, please merge to the driving lane to exit the parking lot.

We appreciate all your support in keeping our parking lot a safe place.

Drawstring Bag

On Friday, March 12th, students will have the opportunity to purchase an OLF drawstring bag for only $10.  We will walk around from class to class if anyone is interested in purchasing a bag.  As well, for anyone dropping off food items at our Lenten Food Drive, we will have drawstring bags available for purchase during that time as well.

Lunchtime Supervisor Required

If anyone is interested in a position of lunchtime supervisor, please contact the main office of the school for more details.

OAPCE Webinars

There are webinars available on March 10 and 24.  Please see the attached link for more details.

St. Benedict Parish News

Please visit the church website for more information about masses.

Saint Benedict Parish – Milton, Ontario (

Thank you for your continued support during these difficult times and we continue to pray that all of you stay safe and healthy.  God Bless.

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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Our Lady of Fatima CES

Fitzpatrick, DavidWeekly Update: March 8-12