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Weekly Update: December 7-11

Weekly Update: December 7-11

“A smile is the beginning of peace.”
Mother Teresa

As we begin the second week of Advent, the week of peace. Jesus must be reborn in our hearts, during this season of Advent, and every day of our lives, bringing us love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and the spirit of humble service.

It was so nice to see so many families join us for our Virtual Advent Liturgy and Family Fun Night this past Thursday.  Thank you for taking the time to join us.  We look forward to another great week at OLF.

Toy Drive

Our Toy Drive began on Saturday and will continue to run until December 11th. This initiative will also support our local families in Milton as well as our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Northern Ontario through the charity of True North Aid.  We have had a huge response with many donations and we appreciate all the families who were able to bring toys, puzzles and board games for various age groups.  You can continue to drop off toys each morning and after school.  There will be a bin (look for the big, wrapped present) set up outside the front doors for donations.  We will also accept monetary donations through school cash online.  We thank you in advance for your generosity during this Advent season for families in need.

Food Drive

We thank our school community for your extremely generous donations for our food drive yesterday.  We were able to fill 20 laundry baskets.  Just to give everyone an update.  We were able to drop off all 20 baskets to Food4Kids Halton which supports the needs of around 250 children and their families in Milton.

The program coordinator in Milton writes, “First off, on behalf of the team at Food4Kids Halton we simply can not thank you, the staff and, of course, the parents of Our Lady of Fatima enough for their thoughtfulness and generosity.  What a wonderful surprise to receive much needed food items this time of year especially.  Our wonderful team of volunteers and I sorted through all the donated items this morning and I wanted to let you know that there was over $1500 worth of food that otherwise we would have not had or had to buy which relates to about ½ of our weekly needs.  Thank you.”

Way to go OLF!  Through your generous donations we were able to support many families in Milton.

Our Baskets have arrived
Sorting through the items
More of our items being sorted

Parking Lot – Kiss N Ride

With the colder weather, we are noticing many more students being driven to school.  We would like to remind you to use our designated Kiss N Ride lanes on either side of the school.  When using our Kiss N Ride lanes please remember to pull up as far forward as you can to alleviate congestion on the bend.  Also, please allow your child to exit the car on the passenger side of the car for their safety and avoiding opening their car door in traffic.  The assistance from all our families in this, is greatly appreciated.

Advent Liturgy – December 10

Our grade 2 students will be leading our Advent liturgy this Thursday, December 10th beginning at 9:00 am.  We thank our grade 2 teachers and students for leading our liturgy. 

Daily Screening

Thank you to all parents/guardians for performing daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving for school.  We appreciate you helping our school in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  Please note: This screening tool has been updated once again as of October 1st, as the Ministry of Health determine various changes in symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 School Screening

Online Babysitting and First Aid Course

Back by popular demand and for students from Grade 3-8.  Please see that attached flyers for more information on babysitting and First Aid courses offered virtually in January and February.

Parish News – St. Benedict Parish

Parents of students up to grade 3!!

For this weekends Children’s Liturgy at Saint Benedict Parish.  You can either access it by going to the parish website ( or by clicking the link:  It is a wonderful way to allow your child to read the current Sunday readings and there are a number of various activities.  Please check it out!

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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Our Lady of Fatima CES

Fitzpatrick, DavidWeekly Update: December 7-11