Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Lumen Christi school community continuously works to foster and exemplify Catholic values. Staff are committed to establishing and promoting healthy, safe, and inclusive learning spaces where all feel a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. This plan supports and promotes a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and accepting school environment through appropriate prevention and intervention practices. This is reinforced by the application of progressive discipline in compliance with the Education Act, PPM 128 Provincial Code of Conduct and School Board Codes of Conduct (2019), PPM 144 Bullying Prevention and Intervention (2018), the Parent’s Guide to the Provincial Code of Conduct (2019) and PPM 119 Developing and Implementing Equity and Inclusive Education Policies in Ontario Schools (2013). The Bullying Prevention Plan is based on the work of the Safe and Welcoming Schools team and is rooted in, HCDSB Policy II-40 Bullying Prevention and Intervention.  

De Franco, RobBullying Prevention and Intervention