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November 28th, 2017 – Minutes

In Attendance: Melissa D’Onofrio, Irene Duarte-Wong, Sonya Dunn, Lenie D’Souza, Nicole Evon, Janice Fraga, Joe Jurus, James McInnis, Melissa Monachino, Sabrina Ricci, Marianne Santo

Regrets: Jacqueline Real, Jamie-Lynn Watts

1. Opening Prayer – Nicole

2. Principal Message – Joe
– Approval of Minutes from September 26th Minutes – Nicole Evon: moved; Melissa D’Onofrio: seconded
– Early Dismissal is on December 20th @ 1:20pm
– EAQO dates May 23rd, 24th, 25th for grades 3 and 6 – Staff are already aware, parents of grade 3 and 6 students will receive School Connects message in early January
– Christmas Celebration dates and times are available online on school website and have been posted on Weekly Updates
– Gifted Testing for Grade 4 students begin on November 29th
– Lego will be purchased soon – Mrs. Warner will champion this initiative (about $4000)
– Intermediate students will be participating in the St. Benedict’s Chess Tournament
– Uniform Exchange/Sale: Lenie has volunteered to help with sales of all uniform pieces during the Christmas celebration on Dec. 19th – Council agreed that each piece would be $5 (cash only) –all proceeds to be directed to the school generated fund account – Administration will put reminder into Weekly Update
– February 13th – Shrove Tuesday – CSC to volunteer to making pancakes
– Administration to add Cardigan and Pullover options to ISW uniform list/choice

3. Parish Update – Lenie
– St. Benedict Parish Christmas/New Year Mass Schedule – reminder from Father Jim for it to be on the school’s website – Administration confirmed it has been placed on the website and that this information will be placed in the upcoming School’s Connects/Weekly Update.
– Alter servers are requested by Father Jim for Confirmation mass on December 1st. Administration will consult the intermediate teachers to choose Alter servers.
– Reminder that there is an Information session after the 11am mass on Dec. 3rd with the architects regarding the construction of the church and a repeat information session at Jean Vanier on December 7th at 7pm. All information is listed on the school’s website
– December 9th at Our Lady of Fatima school, there is a Women’s retreat from 9am to 12pm – Lenie requested that this information also be placed on the website.

4. Halloween fundraiser review
– Nicole again thanked the CSC members who volunteered during the Dance-A-thon
– $13, 400 was raised in total for this year’s Halloween Dance-A-Thon
– Dates for distribution of class prizes and individual student prizes (e.g., top fundraising class per division and the students for Principal/Vice-Principal for the day) will be during December in consultation with staff

5. Safe and Accepting Schools Committee
– Nicole shared information from first meeting of SASC – next meeting TBD once Our School Survey results are in
– Current activities: Bullying Prevention Launch – LC will be submitting a student-written and performed song for the “See the Problem, Be the Solution” as our entry for the Board contest (student voice)
– James explained about “Invisible Mentorship” with intermediate students & staff paired with primary students
– December 7th @ 3-7pm – Kids Night In – Activities to build self-esteem/confidence for Junior students
– Hang-Out Club – at lunchtime – once a week (alternating Fridays

6. Christmas celebration – evening event volunteers
– Free Hot (warm) chocolate – limited vintage LC travel mugs available for $2 and families are encouraged to bring their own mugs (eco-friendly) – Nicole will be ordering the hot chocolate from Time Hortons
– Administration to mention this within the Weekly Update
– CSC will set up “Volunteer” Table for Shrove Tuesday, and other future events

7. Future fundraising ideas
– N/A at the present time

8. Active Chefs Family Event – February 1, 2018
– Non-profit organization – PRO grant $1000 to be directed to this event
– 125 maximum total of participants
– Nicole to forward information/letter to parents to Administration in order to gather the information/registration of families
– This is a Free evening event
– Administration will put Menu and reminder onto Weekly Update and also school website
– It was determined that all members of CSC will be volunteering for this event – their families will be added into the total number

9. Closing Prayer

Additional Items/Questions:
– When will the Online Registration for student’s absence begin?
– Parking lot during entry and dismissal – re: congestion of cars/student safety
Administration review various solutions (e.g., pylons, signage, another reminder in Weekly Update, moving Garbage Area/Fence)

2018 Meeting Dates: Feb. 27, April 24, May 29
CPIC Dates: Wednesdays Oct 18 – St. Anne; Feb 28 – Fatima; May 23 – St. Mary’s

Upcoming events: Spring Movie Night – date TBD
CSC Volunteer Sign-up Booth/Table at Christmas concert/celebration and TBD for September Meet and Greet – additional event dates for 2018-19 school year TBD at next council meeting

Elementary Vice-PrincipalNovember 28th, 2017 – Minutes