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Parent Weekly Update September 28th – October 2

Reminders & Information:

  • ORANGE SHIRT DAY: On September 30th we will participate in Orange Shirt Day. This is an opportunity to recognize the harm residential schools did to children’s sense of selfesteem and wellbeing. This day also honours those that survived, remembers those who did not, and recognizes the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma. Wearing an orange shirt is a visual reminder of our shared past and provides an opportunity for dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. It is an opportunity for schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come. On Wednesday, September 30th staff and students are encouraged to wear an orange shirt with their uniform.
  • COVID-19 Reminders: All families are reminded to continue to take the daily self-assessment using this screening tool:
  • Change in Learning Environments: As indicated in previous correspondence from the Board, the opportunity to switch between learning environments (face-to-face instruction/conventional learning or remote learning) will be offered at three points throughout this year: after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, and after March Break. If you wish to change your child’s learning environment by switching from remote learning to in-class instruction, or vice versa, you are asked to complete an online request form. CLICK HERE to access the online form to request a change to your child’s learning environment. Please note that if you are not requesting a change you do not need to complete the form.
  • Curriculum Night: Save the date for our upcoming virtual Curriculum Night. It will either be on October 8th or October 15th. More details will come out this week.
  • New Registrations: If you are NEW to the school and have not yet come in to present your registration documents (original birth certificate, original baptismal certificate, proof of your home address) please contact our Main office at 905-636-9692.
  • Family Information Consent Forms and Physical Education Forms: Please remember to return your completed Family forms to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible.

Elementary Vice-PrincipalParent Weekly Update September 28th – October 2