Staff Directory


Ms. Marie MuradElementary Principal
Mrs. Tanya Le ConteElementary Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Carrie-Ann AyersOffice Assistant
Mrs. Anita BabinElementary School Secretary
Mrs. Shelley CutraraLibrary Technician
Mrs. Kirsten PaulChild and Youth Counsellor

Teaching Staff

Ms. Cheryl McReavy JacksonElementary Teacher, Elementary Alternative Education Teacher
Mr. Gregory ZilliElementary Teacher, Elementary Alternative Education Teacher
Ms. Shelagh Adams MiseElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Jessica FernandesElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Ms. Carolyn MacKayElementary Teacher, French Second Language
Ms. Robin PackerElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Ms. Tamara VenturaElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Ms. Aine FlynnElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Jessica MedeirosElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Andrea HoldenElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Elizabeth RomanowiczElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Mrs. Jasmina GustinElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Alison HelstonElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Ingrid JohnsonElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Lindsay McArthurElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Jacqueline Da RosElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Mrs. Amanda LaheyElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Mrs. Danielle ValerioElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Ms. Andrea PosteElementary Teacher, Grade 5 French Immersion, French
Ms. Cassandra VerissimoElementary Teacher, Grade 6 French Immersion, French
Mr. Colin BarrettElementary Teacher, Grade 6/7
Mr. John-Paul BerlingieriElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Ms. Michelina CorkinElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Ms. Kimberly SheahanElementary Teacher, Grade 8 French Immersion, French
Miss Julia SansoneElementary Teacher, Instrumental Music
Ms. Tanya MuldoonElementary Teacher, Kindergarten Primary Team Member
Ms. Carolyn MacKayElementary Teacher, Planning Time Teacher
Ms. Tanya MuldoonElementary Teacher, Planning Time Teacher
Ms. Tanya MuldoonElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Leanne SkinnerElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Miss Julia SansoneElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Mrs. Paula Casimir PascoeDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Natalia GalloEducational Assistant
Miss Jennifer HallDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Alina JacksonEducational Assistant
Miss Charlene LangstoneEducational Assistant
Ms Natasha MartinEducational Assistant
Ms. Jane MorassuttiEducational Assistant
Ms Umber RehanEducational Assistant
Ms. Kathryn SurinaEducational Assistant
Mrs. Michelle VilleneuveEducational Assistant
Ms. Karla WicksEducational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mr. Beda Bata
Mr. Claude Poirier
Ms. Paula Gibson
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