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HRM Entry & Dismissal Information

Good morning HRM Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare for Tuesday and Wednesday, we want to ensure that regardless of which day is your child’s first day, that it is a successful and memorable day. Below you will find the gates where students who are walkers or are dropped off by parents/guardians enter. As you can see, like last year, this may mean that students from the same family enter the school from different entrances. Staff will be located at each door to ensure the safety of all students.

Entrance 1 (Main Doors)- All Bus students

Entrance 2 (Close to the senior home)- Ms. Holden’s Grade 5/6 class, Ms. Robinson’s Grade 5 class, Ms. Belmonte’s Grade 6/7 class, Ms. Ventura’s Grade 5 and 6 Extended French classes, and Ms. Da Ros/Ms. James’ Grade 7 and 8 Extended French classes.

Entrance 3 (Close to the Staff Room/ backyard)- Ms. Holding’s Grade 7 class, Ms. McArthur’s Grade 7/8 class, Mr. Barrett’s Grade 8 class, Mr. Berlingieri’s Grade 4 class, Ms. Flynn’s Grade 3 class, and Ms. Mederios’s  Grade 3 class.

Entrance 4 (Close to the Woodward Gate/backyard)- Ms. Helston’s Grade1 class, Ms. Verissimo’s Grade 1 class, Ms. Mulroy’s Grade 1/ 2 class, Ms. Lanktree’s Grade 2 class, Ms. Muldoon’s Grade 2 class, and Ms. Gustin’s Grade 4 class. 

Front Kindergarten Gate (Close to the Main Front Door)- All four Kindergarten classes will use the front gate for both pick-up and drop-off. This is a very exciting time for Holy Rosary-Milton Catholic Elementary School, as this is the first time that our school has four Kindergarten classes. Please refrain from having conversations with educators at the gate to allow for a smooth and quick process while maintaining social distancing.

***If more than one student belongs to the same family but uses a different gate based on the location of their classes, please drop off/enter the gate of the youngest student so the older students may walk around to their perspective entrance while the younger sibling can directly enter the school.

We thank you in advance for your support and collaboration. Wishing you an amazing long weekend and we look forward to seeing all our students this week. Please remember that students are coming to school this week in a staggered entry format based on students’ last names. Students with the last name A-K will start on Tuesday, September 7, while students with the last name L-Z will start on Wednesday, September 8. ALL students return fully on Thursday, September 9, 2021. Kindergarten students are to follow their own staggered entry schedule. STC students attend school daily starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support. We appreciate your partnership as we navigate another exciting school year.

God bless,

Ms. Murad & Mrs. Ownes

Murad, MarieHRM Entry & Dismissal Information