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HRM Weekly Update- Mar.1

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.  

Dear HRM Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to our amazing staff for their daily flexibility with various changes and covering duties to ensure we continue to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all of our students.

Thank you Ms. Dinning for preparing and leading Pink Shirt Day activities.

Daily Self-Assessment of COVID-19 Symptoms: The COVID-19 School Screening Tool has been changed and will now require students and staff with any new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19, even those with only one (1) symptom, must stay home until: 

  • They receive a negative COVID-19 test result.; OR 
  • They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional.; OR  
  • It has been 10 days since their symptom onset, and they are feeling better. 

The new single-symptom screening criteria in the COVID-19 daily screening tool has now been applied and has been in effect since Thursday afternoon. Parents and guardians are reminded to complete theCOVID-19 School Screening Toolfor each child every day before leaving home for school or child care: 

The Ministry of Health has now indicated that all individuals living in the same household are now required to self-isolate when a family member has COVID-19 symptoms, even if the family member only has one (1) symptom. The following isolation requirements now apply: 

All members in a household of a symptomatic individual are required to self-isolate until the individual: 

  • Receives a negative COVID-19 test result; OR 
  • Receives an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional. 

If someone in your household tests positive, or is not tested and does not receive an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional:   

  • This individual must isolate (including from others in your household) for 10 days from the date of experiencing symptoms. AND 
  • All members of the same household must isolate for 14 days from their last date of exposure with the symptomatic family/household member. 

HRM Masks & Lanyards: All HRM Masks and Lanyards continue to be on sale through Cash Online for $10 each c00329f0-fda8-4bd9-ab21-5e158107551f.JPG e01c85c8-9f2f-4ae9-bc68-9f3ba051e4a9.JPG HOLY-ROSARY-FACE-MASK-PROOF-2020.png

Congregating: Please continue to ensure that families are not congregating before and after school as this can be very confusing to our students and we need to continue to adhere to the social distancing protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our students and staff.

Build the Habit of Good Attendance:

Halton Food for Thought (HFFT) is proud to partner with Food for Life (FFL) to provide Halton elementary and secondary students universal access to nutritious, perishable, and non-perishable food to fuel their learning. HFFT will provide weekly HFFT Healthy Student Snack Bags that consist of a minimum of 3 nutritious snacks per student per school day,  e.g. (fresh fruit, cheese, granola bars). There is no fee or registration required. Together we have built an inclusive and safe plan to meet student needs, whether they learn from home or in person, during these changing and challenging times.

  • Using Food for Life’s current distribution system, HFFT will provide weekly snack bag deliveries to FFL designated priority neighborhoods across Halton. Community Pick up stations will be set up for families to access these snack bags.
  • To reach students outside of these designated neighbourhoods, we also have several strategically placed community pickup locations across Halton to ensure ease of access.
  • The list of available community pickup locations will expand as HFFT continue to identify appropriate distribution partners and community need. See page 2/3 of HFFT Healthy Student Snack Bag FAQ for a list of current pick up locations . Note: As per the chart on page 2, families can pick up snack bags at whichever location is most convenient for them. Registration is not required

HFFT Healthy Student Snack Bags support student success whether they learn from home or in person. These are our students, and they deserve our support, now more than ever!

HRM Lenten Promise: Please join us and/or support the HRM Team for the 24hour fast- the event will take place on March 30-31. More details will follow on the event by Ms. Murad

Promoting Well-Being: Being more active (for children and families)

  • Move more. Try to get between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Short sessions of movement throughout the day add up.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine. Walk as a family before or after meals.
  • Make playtime with your family fun. Be active by shooting hoops or playing tag.
  • Be active in the home. For example, you can dust, vacuum, garden, or walk the dog. These activities are good ways to burn calories.
  • Include activities, such as hiking or biking, when you go on vacation.
  • Know your daily calorie needs. Balance calories you consume with calories you burn.
  • Limit TV, computer, and video game time to less than 2 hours per day. Encourage physical activity instead

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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Holy Rosary-Milton CES

Murad, MarieHRM Weekly Update- Mar.1