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HRM Weekly Update- Nov.16

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” St. Teresa of Calcutta

Dear HRM Parents and Guardians,

Let us keep our Grade7 students in our prayers as they received the Sacrament of Confirmation last Wednesday. Thank you to Ms. Fraser, Ms. Daum, and Mr. Barrett for joining our students and their families.

Thank you for your support with our first HRM Indigo Family and Friends Night- special thanks to Mrs. Cutrara for organizing this great event. Please note that you can continue to support our school by placing your online Indigo purchases through this link which is active for the rest of the school year

Thank you for your continued support to ensure the COVID guidelines are followed.

Thank you Mrs. Fraser and Ms. Neo for all of your hard work and dedication- YOU will be missed! We wish you the best in your next endeavour.

Daily Self-Assessment of COVID-19 Symptoms: Staff are to monitor self and students for signs/symptoms of COVID-19.  All Staff and students who are experiencing new or worsening symptoms consistent with COVID- 19 must go home/stay at home and seek appropriate medical attention as required, including getting tested for COVID-19. Take the October 1st Update – COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children and follow the recommendations shared with the new changes highlighted.  

HRM Christmas Events:

HRM Purdy’s Fundraiser– HOLY ROSARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS 2020 is fundraising with Purdys Chocolatier, just in time for Christmas! If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Christmas gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below: After you’ve signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign. Our goal for the school is $1000 worth of orders so we may qualify, otherwise all orders will be cancelled. All orders must be in by November 25th.

HRM Angel Tree: Please access the online catalogue to access the angels for the Angel Tree. Big thanks to Mrs. Cutrara for creating this. We ask for all gifts to be returned to school by Friday December 4th.

The Amazing Fundraiser:

HRM Masks & Lanyards: All HRM Masks and Lanyards continue to be on sale through Cash Online for $10 each c00329f0-fda8-4bd9-ab21-5e158107551f.JPG e01c85c8-9f2f-4ae9-bc68-9f3ba051e4a9.JPG HOLY-ROSARY-FACE-MASK-PROOF-2020.png

We are very excited for our HRM Virtual Christmas Night with Santa on Thursday December 3 and for our HRM Virtual Christmas Concert on Wednesday December 16, 2020.

Optional French Programs- The online registration form will be available for 2 weeks, beginning Monday, November 9, 2020 and ending on Friday, November 20, 2020.

HRM Teacher-Parents Interviews: Please ensure that you have booked your Parent-Teacher interviews with your child’s teacher by Wednesday November 18, 2020.

Promoting Well-Being: Taming autumn anxiety- Dealing with autumn anxiety starts by identifying what your personal triggers are and making a plan to manage them before they start to feel overwhelming or out of control, says Mayra Mendez, a licensed psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and program coordinator of mental health services at Providence Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. To help you figure out what’s causing your anxiety this fall, we asked our experts to share the most common triggers they see and how to manage them.

The beginning of a new school year: A new school year causes a lot of excitement but it also brings a lot of added responsibilities, particularly for parents, Mendez says. This is especially true in the middle of a pandemic. “Students and parents of students now have extra time commitments, expenses, and social stresses, all of which can be very anxiety-inducing,” she says. How to deal: Decide right now what is necessary and what is just nice and then use your limited resources based on those priorities, Mendez says. For instance, your child may want to do three after-school clubs along with honors classes but realistically it may be better for all of you to limit extracurriculars, especially if you are worried about safety and face-to-face interaction right now. (Here’s how to get kids to a back to school sleep schedule.)

Cold and flu season and coronavirus: Going into the season of coughs and sniffles is stressful most years but with the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, many people are experiencing an extreme amount of anxiety around getting sick this fall, Mendez says. If that’s you, you’re certainly not alone in your worries. To help you prepare, here’s a guide to cold and flu season. How to deal: “Self-care is so important, both for your mental health and to boost your immune system,” she says. This includes getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating a healthy diet—check out these delicious fall superfoods—but don’t forget to add in some things just for fun, like taking a long bubble bath or getting a fancy latte.

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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Holy Rosary-Milton CES

Indiginous Awareness Month
Nov 1 – Nov 30 all day
Keeping Christ in Christmas Contest
Nov 1 – Nov 30 all day
Extended French Program Lottery Begins
Nov 9 – Nov 20 all day
Bullying Awareness Week
Nov 16 – Nov 20 all day
Grade 4 Testing
Nov 16 – Dec 11 all day
Virtual HRM Angel Tree Initiative Begins
Nov 16 @ 12:00 am – Dec 4 @ 11:45 pm
Final Day to Schedule Parent-Teacher Interviews
Nov 18 all day
Blue Shirt Day – Bully Prevention, promoting healthy inclusive relationships
Nov 20 all day
Ned’s Virtual Mindset Assembly
Nov 20 @ 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Murad, MarieHRM Weekly Update- Nov.16