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HRM Weekly Update- Oct.19

“Look for Christ our Lord in everyone and you will then have respect and reverence for all.” –St. Teresa of Jesus

Dear HRM Parents and Guardians,

Thank you in advance for your support with our Halloween activities- we appreciate all of your donations;

Thank you for your continued support to ensure the COVID guidelines are followed;

Daily Self-Assessment of COVID-19 Symptoms: Staff are to monitor self and students for signs/symptoms of COVID-19.  All Staff and students who are experiencing new or worsening symptoms consistent with COVID- 19 must go home/stay at home and seek appropriate medical attention as required, including getting tested for COVID-19. Take the October 1st Update – COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children and follow the recommendations shared with the new changes highlighted.  

Expected Uniform Attire: ISW is the uniform provider for our school board.  Clothing from ISW is the expectation for students.  Jogging pants and legging are not uniform items. Although pants do not necessarily have to be purchased from ISW, they must be navy blue dress pants. Please contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions or if you need further information.

Communicating with your child during the school day: Parents and Guardians are reminded that to contact your child during the school day to either contact the main office or email your child’s teacher. Please refrain from texting your child on their device, as students are expected to only use electronic devices (phones, Apple watches, Fitbit, iPads, etc..) to access curriculum.

Halloween Update: Our HRM Halloween traditions will continue this year while adhering to the school’s and Board’s protocols. We will participate in a week’s full themes and activities starting Monday October26-Friday October30. Please send the donations to school (money or items) by Friday October 23, 2020. We will confirm which option we will deliver for the dance-a-thon. We look forward to an amazing spooktacular Halloween this year.

10th Annual HCCEF Evening with Bishop Crosby – Virtual Edition– Wednesday November 4, 2020 – 6:30-8:00pm: The HCCEF Evening with Bishop Crosby is always such a wonderful gathering of the Halton Community. Although we will not be able to meet in person this year, we can still gather virtually as a community.

Highlights of the evening include: A Reception with friends at your virtual “table,” Musical Entertainment by HCDSB students, Recognition of Bishop Douglas Crosby’s 10th Anniversary of his installment as the Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton, Keynote address by Bishop Crosby.

We have seen a 375% increase in the number of HCDSB students helped from March to September compared to the same time last year. HCCEF programs are funding solely by our fundraising initiatives (i.e. events, donations, grants, corporate support).

We want to be able to continue to say “yes” to supporting low-income HCDSB students and their families with basic necessities, because education directly influences students’ life chances – and life outcomes. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. We need your help to do this.

Wednesday November 4, 2020 – 6:30-8:00pm- For information visit the HCCEF Event Page, email or call

Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation (HCCEF)- Helping Students in Need to Succeed in School | @HCCEF |, 905-802-0918

Promoting Well-Being: Practice Healthy Thinking

Good mental health does not mean that we only ever have happy thoughts. Sad or upsetting things are part of life. Problems are also part of life. Good mental health means looking at the situation for what it really is.

Watch for thinking traps:The way we think about something has a big effect on the way we feel. If we feel like we can handle a problem, we often feel good. If we do not think that we can handle a problem, we often feel bad. Sometimes, we think that something is bad, even when it is not true. These thoughts are sometimes called “thinking traps.” They are traps because they are easy to fall into and can get us stuck and feeling bad.

Here are some common thinking traps:

  • Thinking that bad things always happen to you. “I wanted to go to the beach, but now it is raining. This always happens to me! Now my day is ruined!”
  • Thinking that something can only be all good or all bad. “I did not do as well as I wanted on that last test. I am not smart enough for this course.”
  • Focusing only on the negative part of a situation. “My team won, but I cannot believe I missed that shot. I must be very bad at soccer. Maybe I should stop playing.”
  • Jumping to conclusions before you know what really happened. “My friend did not call me back. She must not like me very much.”

You can challenge your thinking trap by looking at the facts. The next time you notice yourself falling into a thinking trap, ask yourself questions to find the facts. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is there any proof to back up this thought?
  • Have I thought about all sides of the situation? Is there anything I missed?
  • Have I been in this position before? What happened then?
  • If my friend was in the same situation, what would I say?

Once you have looked at the facts, you can replace the thinking trap thought with a more balanced thought.

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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Holy Rosary-Milton CES

Student Parliament Candidate Videos
Oct 19 @ 4:00 pm
Bishop Reding Grade 8 Parent Information Night
Oct 20 @ 7:00 pm

Please refer to the link provided in the email sent seperately on October 15, 2020.

First Holy Communion Celebration for Grade 3 Students
Oct 20 @ 7:00 pm
International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Virtual Information Session for Parents of Students in Grades 7-8
Oct 21 @ 7:00 pm

Murad, MarieHRM Weekly Update- Oct.19