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June1-5 Announcements

This Week’s Announcements:

Here we are at the end of week 8 of Distance Learning! Thank you for all your support during these uncertain times and for reaching out to me via email with your questions. The staff and I truly miss our students

Thank you to Mrs. Pellegrino, Mrs. Ventura, Miss. Holding, and our latest addition Ms. Gustin for all the work in preparing for our Virtual Talent Show!! Stay tunes for our amazing show and many more virtual activities.

Thank you to our amazing Student Parliament, Miss. Holding, and Mrs. Helston for planning NEON Day on Thursday, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for us for the remainder of the year.

Congratulations Julia Kendall for being chosen as the Valedictorian for the 2020 Graduation Class. Julia and her speech will be featured on CBC as our school was chosen to represent HCDSB within the elementary panel for Grade8 Graduation- Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

Kindergarten Virtual Orientation: Please use the link to access this year’s HRM Kindergarten Virtual Orientation which will also be directly sent out to all future HRM families who are starting in September. Special thanks to our amazing Kindergarten team and Mrs. Ventura for all their hard work in creating this.

HRM 2019-2020 Catholic School Council Message: We are selling HRM “We are in it Together” T-shirts for $10 to support our school. More information will follow.

Reach Out Centre for Kids Event: Back by popular demand…Anxiety Part 1 Webinar! A discussion on understanding what anxiety is and how it shows up in children and teens. Join ROCK Clinicians on June 8 for this informative session. For more information and to register, please visit

Summer Food Boxes Available: Halton Food for Thought has partnered with Food for Life to help support vulnerable student/families during the summer months (June, July and August). If you  or someone you know might benefit from receiving a Summer Food Box, please email or call the confidential lines 905-315-6842 or Pick up or home delivery details will be arranged once a month and contain a variety of food including fresh healthy food as well as some fun summer treats like freezies and hamburgers for families to enjoy.

ISW June Uniform Sale:

Graduation Pictures and/or composites questions: For all the students who have ordered grad pictures within the deadline have received them prior to March Break. We had three orders that were received after the deadline, we have submitted them to Edge Imaging. For specific order detail please email customer care at and they can answer your questions and give delivery options. For families who ordered Grad Composites, our understanding is that you will receive them in the fall.

Grade8 Trip Refund: I have contacted Bright Spark and was informed that due to the high numbers of refunds being processed we should receive our refund within the summer months. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

HRM is Fasting on June3-4: HRM is joining the Halton Catholic Children Education Foundation on it’s third annual 24-hour Fast!

Similar to a Walk-a-thon, you may:

  1. Join a team (ie. Holy Rosary Milton Team)
  2. Ask friends/family to sponsor if they are able
  3. Fast on June 3-4.

You may: fast from Food, Electronics, Social Media, Sugar or something else.

Start at the time you want i.e. AM or PM

Just go about your day at home or work (for most people these days, that’s one in the same). So please join our team and/or donate! The Halton Catholic Children Education Foundation has been a great support to our school community and we would like to give back.

For more information you may access the following link to the website, which has information on the 24 Hour Fast – Who, What, When, Where, How

Promoting Well-Being – Bring Peace into Your Home:

1.       Speak Kindly
2.       Forgive Quickly
3.       Work Cheerfully
4.       Pray Frequently
5.      Stand Firmly

Follow us on Twitter @HolyRosaryM- We continue to miss you!

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