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HRM Weekly Update- June10

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

~ Matthew 5:9

Dear HRM parents and Guardians,

Thank you to our Holy Rosary-Milton CES Track & Field Team and the coaches for an amazing day at the Milton Meet. Good luck to our students who will compete in the HCDSB system finals on Monday June 10 at Norte Dame C.S.S. in Burlington;

Thank you to all of you wonderful HRM community, special thanks to the 2018-2019 Catholic School Council for a wonderful Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday;

Thank you to Mrs. Paul and her team of staff and Grade 8Boys for their planning and leadership for the Boys Night In (Boys Building Boys);

Thank you to all staff and students for participating in the Torch Run on Thursday;

Good Luck to all the staff and students from Mrs. Fernandes, Mrs. Packer, Mrs. Ventura/Mrs. Pascoe, and Miss. Caughlin/Ms. Hall classes for leading this month’s Virtue of the Month Assembly focusing on Fairness;

Thank you to the our HFFT Snack Volunteers for coming out faithfully each week to support our students;

Professional Activity Day-PA Day – Friday June 7, 2019– there are no classes for elementary students.

Ice Dawgs Sale- Starting on Wednesday June 5, Mrs. McReavy- Jackson’s Class will be selling Ice Dawgs in support for the Special Olympics Torch Run.

ABA for ALL – Kids Do Well if They Can: HCDSB’s Special Education Department is thrilled to be hosting Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for All Bonanza events at each of our schools throughout May and June, 2019. The events will showcase ABA methodology to help teachers, school staff, administrators, and parents gain a better understanding of Applied Behaviour Analysis and its benefit on education. The Bonanzas will also demonstrate all the great ways that ABA is already happening in our schools to support our students! ​

Not sure what ABA is? Watch this short video to learn more:​.​

All are welcome to join us in the Holy Rosary-Milton CES Library on this Tuesday June 11 from 2:45 am to 3:30 pm – please stop by even for a 20-minute session.

Year End BBQ – Thursday June 13: We hope you can join us for the Year End BBQ on Tuesday June 11 beginning at 5:30 pm. Thank you to our Catholic School Council for organizing the event! Troy’s will once again be providing the food. There will be face painting, ice cream, cotton candy, a photo booth and lots more – hope to see you there!

Save the Date – Talent Show: This year’s talent show will take place on Thursday June 27 – we hope you can join us for the afternoon performances! Thank you to Miss Sansone and Mme. MacKay for your leadership with the show!

ISW Update: We are pleased to introduce new uniform hoodies for the 2019-2020 School Year as part of our uniform attire. This is a great opportunity as ISW is also sharing the No Tax event for the month of June.

Expected Uniform Attire: Students are to adhere to wearing the approved uniform pieces of navy blue dress-pants and white or navy blue tops with HR logo on it. Female students are also expected to wear white or blue tights when not dressed in pants. Students are asked to only wear white or navy blue undershirts. Lastly, all students are expected to wear closed toe shoes at all times.

Grade 6-8 Math and Language Summer School Programs: All grade 6-8 HCDSB students are able to register for Summer School with programs focusing on Language and Math. Summer School is offered at three sites: Jean Vanier-Milton, Corpus Christi- Burlington, and Holy Trinity- Oakville. Students may register for session 1 (July2-July12) and/or session 2 (July15-July26). Please use the following link to register your child, if interested, before June 22:

Play Day- Wednesday June 26 (rain date June 27)-Students are asked to come in comfortable clothing and running shoes to enjoy this fun filled day! Thank you to Mrs. Skinner and Mme. Poste for organizing the morning!

Promoting Well-Being – The Seven Habits of Self-Reg Parents – John Hoffman

As most of us know, parenting is an experience in which the learning never stops. Sometimes, the best way to gauge your progress as a parent is to stop and look back at how things used to be — six months or a year ago — and notice how much they’ve changed. I’ve done this occasionally, and I’m often surprised at how much my parenting habits and style have changed or improved. Usually, I feel a little better about myself, and my kids, as a result.

Learning to parent with a Self-Reg mindset is a special kind of learning journey. With that in mind, and with a nod to Stephen Covey, who established the “7 Habits” brand in 1989 with his bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, here is my take on the seven “habits” of Self-Reg parents. If you’re trying to be a Self-Reg parent, take a look at these seven signs and then reflect on the extent to which you were or weren’t doing these things a year or so ago. If the idea of Self-Reg parenting is new to you, these signs might give you something to aim for.

The 7 Signs You’re Becoming a Self-Parent

1. You read kids’ behaviour differently

When you see a “misbehaving” child your default thoughts are less likely to be: How do I make this kid stop/obey? Or, What’s the right discipline strategy to pull out of my bag of tricks right now? And you are more likely to think things like: This child needs my attention and help. What’s stressing this child right now?

2. It’s easier to stay calm when things get hot

You’re better at keeping your cool in tense situations and you find it easier to “forgive” your child (or partner) for behaviours that bug you because you can see that the behaviour is often caused by stress. In other words, you realize that they weren’t actually trying to drive you crazy.

3. You feel more compassion & less anger

You don’t fight with your kids or get mad at them as often, and when you do get mad, you don’t stay as mad for as long.

You’re finding it easier to like and appreciate kids you found it hard to like before.

4. Your parenting is less reactive

You are more able to see when you should take a “time out,” or at least, “hit the pause button” rather than trying to fix a problem or mete out the ideal consequence in the heat of the moment, when everyone’s stress alarms are going full-tilt.

5. You re-think disciplinary tactics

You finally understand why even the best discipline strategies don’t work at times with some kids, and you are better at identifying situations where trying to impose discipline or exert control will just make things worse.

6. You understand your kids more deeply

You feel like you understand your kids (and some of their behaviours) better. And you are starting to understand certain behaviours that perplexed and frustrated you in the past.

7. You’re doing Self-Reg with yourself

You become better at recognizing and dealing with your own stress and how it affects your parenting, and what to do about it. You’re really starting to see that a less stressed parent is a more effective parent. And you find it easier to forgive yourself for your parenting imperfections.


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Wishing you a great weekend – the Staff of Holy Rosary-Milton CES

Board System Final Track & Field/Special Olympics Meet
Jun 10 all day
ABA Bonanza
Jun 11 all day
Girls Soccer Tournament in Oakville
Jun 12 all day
Boys Soccer Tournament in Oakville
Jun 13 all day
School BBQ & Uniform Exchange
Jun 13 @ 5:30 pm
Holy Rosary Library Books Due
Jun 14 all day
End of the Year School Mass
Jun 14 @ 9:30 am
Grade 8 Trip
Jun 18 @ 12:00 am – Jun 21 @ 12:00 am

Elementary PrincipalHRM Weekly Update- June10