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Weekly Update – January 3-7 2022

Happy New Year Holy Rosary families! Welcome Back to our staff, to our families and to our students (in person) on January 5th, to a new year filled with peace, hope and promise! Thank youto our school community for taking precautions and following Halton Public Health Guidelines over the holidays and keeping everyone as safe as possible.  A special thank you to our families for utilizing the Rapid Antigen Test kits over the holidays and ensuring that you complete and confirm the daily screening for your child upon their return to school starting on January 5th. We continue to thank you for your patience, flexibility and support as we begin to navigate 2022!

Expectations for Elementary Schools Students

  • There will be no instruction for elementary school students on Monday, January 3rd and Tuesday, January 4th, 2022. 
  • In-school instruction for elementary school students will resume on Wednesday, January 5th.
  • Students MUST complete the daily screening and show teachers their individual  results. Each learner is required to complete and share their results – it is not a family screening/sharing. ONLY come to school if you passed the screening.
  • Rapid Antigen Test Kits and Screening Tracking/Log Sheets were sent home before the Christmas Holiday with each student– kindly review the information sent home and consider having your child take a rapid test before returning to school.  Please remember to complete the screening tracking sheet daily, as it needs to be shared with the teacher.  You will be contacted if your child does not have daily screening information to share with the classroom teacher.
  • A friendly reminder that students who are unwell/ill should not attend school – this is a good past and current practice.  This wellness practice also helps keep everyone safe and gives your child time to get better so they can participate fully.

COVID Protocols – symptomatic individuals

Symptomatic individuals – are advised to self-isolate as soon as possible after symptom onset.

  • If the individual is fully vaccinated OR is a child under the age of 12 years old, they should self-isolate for at least 5 days from symptom onset AND until their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms), whichever is longer in duration.
  • If the individual is not fully vaccinated and is 12 years old or older, or if they are immune compromised, they should self-isolate for at least 10 days from symptom onset AND until their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms) and they are afebrile, whichever is longer in duration.

    The symptoms include:
  • Fever and/or chills; OR
  • Cough; OR
  • Shortness of breath; OR
  • Decrease or loss of taste or smell; OR

    Two or more of:
  • runny nose/nasal congestion
  • headache
  • extreme fatigue
  • sore throat
  • muscle aches/joint pain
  • gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e. vomiting or diarrhea)

Access to Your Child’s Learning Platform

Students have access to virtual platforms that are used throughout the year. Please make sure to have all usernames and passwords available at all times for students to access curriculum at home when needed.

Mental Health Supports

The holidays can be a challenging time for many families, and living through a pandemic has created additional concerns for many in our community. School Mental Health Ontario has posted a number of excellent resources to help students, families and staff navigate through this difficult period:

Updates and Additional Information 

We will continue to share information and updates with parents directly via email, as well as post updates through twitter and our website.  Continue to review this information and the HCDSB website for the most current information. 

Winter Weather is Here!

  • Please ensure your child is dressed each day to play outside at recess. Students are outside for all regular outside activities when it is warmer than -15°C. When temperatures range between -15°C to -20°C, students may remain outside for no longer than 20-minute intervals, once temperatures are colder than -20°C students remain inside.
  • As winter weather is upon us, parents are reminded to visit our website and the HCDSB website for important information and reminders regarding our Inclement Weather procedures and the Inclement Weather Transportation Zones.
  • Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) provides important information for parents and students who ride the bus to and from school. Bus delays and cancellation information can be found directly on the Delays & Cancellations page.

The Feast of the Epiphany – January 6th

The epiphany, or showing, of Jesus, teaches us that Jesus’ coming into the world was important to the whole world and that the Good News of Jesus Christ is meant for everyone. We look to the Magi as models, for their hope, curiosity and search for wisdom. The word epiphany comes from the Greek Epiphania, meaning “revelation.” 

At Epiphany we celebrate the visit of the Magi, the Three Kings, to the newborn Jesus:  When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy. On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother; and they knelt down and paid him homage. Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Matthew 2.

God of the stars, point us to your miracles. Help us to see them and never take them for granted.  May we return with worship and praise to give you thanks, and return your gifts with giving hearts and lives. Amen.         Archdiocese of Toronto

Wishing you blessings for 2022 – a year of peace, hope, joy and love,

The Holy Rosary CES Staff

Bozzo, JudiWeekly Update – January 3-7 2022