Safe Arrival

The Safe Arrival Program is designed to ensure that your children arrive safely at school.  We appreciate your cooperation in calling the school to let us know that your child will not be attending or will be arriving late (905 – 845-6987).  When you call the school early in the morning, you will get our answering machine.  Please clearly state your child’s name, grade, teacher, and the reason and length (if known) of the absence.

When we do not receive your call, we are concerned about your child. We call home, your workplace or an emergency contact number.  Please let the office know if your telephone numbers change.  If we cannot determine an unexplained absence, as Principal I will need to determine whether we must call the police department and report the unaccounted absence.  Please help us to save valuable time and ensure the safety of your child by calling in all absences.  Please report any flu like symptoms to the school, as requested by the Health Department, for documentation.

HCDSB AdministratorSafe Arrival