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Weekly Update Jan. 10-14

Holy Family
Weekly Update for Jan. 10-14

Dear Jesus,

You who promise to be with us always,

 We pray that you will be with us next week as we go to back school.

 Bless us going and us coming.

 Bless our learning and our playing.

Please protect our hearts from fear.

 Please keep us safe.

 Please give us good friends.

 Give us joy each day, and thank you for loving us from head to toe.

 In your name.


Important Updates:

  1. School Screening Tool:  Please Complete each day

There are significant changes to the new school screening tool.

COVID-19 School Screening Tool  MUST be completed each day for every student.  

As was done at the start of this school year, students attending in-person instruction will be required to show daily proof of confirmation of screening. This measure will be in place until further notice. I have attached a copy of the tool with signature boxes for the first 3 weeks back. Parents are welcome to print this off and send back and forth each day, or students can show the Green Check (go to school), to their teacher each morning on their phone.

  • Tech Returns:

If you borrowed a laptop or Chromebook, please have your child bring it back to school Monday morning and bring it to their homeroom class. We will check each computer back into the library/school system. Our grade 7 & 8 students use the computers each day so it’s important to be able to have them back at school to begin using them as soon as we are back at school Monday.

  • Rapid Antigen tests:

Each student in the school will receive 2 Rapid Antigen tests each as soon as they arrive at school.

  • New Student Masks:

Each student will receive 2, three ply face masks that they can use, or continue to use their own.

  • Change of Learning Environment:

A reminder that parents and guardians with children in elementary school may request a change in learning environment (in-person to virtual or vice versa).

The online request form will remain open until Friday, January 14, 2022.  

Any requested changes will take effect on Monday, January 24, 2022.  

Visit the HCDSB website for more information:

  • Safety:

The most important thing to remember is to have your child stay home if they are not feeling well, or are displaying any signs and symptoms of Covid 19. We will be depending on our community to accurately follow the instructions each morning when completing the Covid Screening, and isolating where necessary.

Cohorting of classes while inside the building, and adherence to our mask wearing rules will continue to be a strong focus to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our Volleyball teams and sports board wide have been put on hold for the time being.

Albani, TonyWeekly Update Jan. 10-14