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Weekly Update Sept. 13-17

Holy Family Weekly Update

Mon. Sept. 13-17

God of my Life,
Thank you for Your presence with me this week,
in the times that were easy and the times that were hard.
Guide me to a period of rest that I might preside with you,
recharge my batteries,
and prepare to again do the work You are calling me to do next week.
This I pray in your holy and true name.  



  • Staff and students were happy this week as we made some internal adjustments to our classes and were able to eliminate most of the split grades. We were able to eliminate 4 split grades at the school:  Grades 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7.  We made the following straight grades-3,4,5,6.

This change has created a lot of happiness among many students that did not have peers in the same room. This type of change is not always possible but we were able to make adjustments this year.

  • Please continue to communicate and reach out to your child’s classroom teacher if there is information that you think is important for him/her to know as we start our new year. Good communication between home and school is pertinent to the success of our students!
  • Curriculum Night our teachers are looking forward to next Thursday, Sept.23rd for our Virtual Curriculum night. Teachers will be sending an invitation and link to a Teams Meeting so that you may join the class meeting. Teachers will begin at 6:30 pm and will have their second live meeting at approximately 7:00 pm. It would be beneficial to have the Teams app downloaded onto your computer ahead of time. I will also be asking classroom teachers to post a ‘Principal’s message’ on their D2L shell as well.  
  • School Council Meeting: If you would like to be part of our school council this year, please email Mr. Albani at:  Our first meeting will be held virtually on Monday, Oct. 4th at 6:30pm.
  • Opening School Mass:  We have heard from Mary Mother of God parish about school masses and the protocol from the School board currently is not to have any masses in the school gym. Father Jerry Punnassery will be creating a virtual mass which we will participate in with our students virtually as soon as it is available. In the meantime, it’s important for us to come together in prayer as a whole school each morning to start our day, and we encourage each classroom to recite their own special class prayer as well.
  • Fire Drills and Lockdown Drills: We had our first successful Fire Drill this Friday morning. We first sounded the fire alarm so the students could hear the alarm, then quietly, quickly, and safely evacuated each room one at a time as per Covid protocols surrounding Fire drills. In the case of a real Fire alarm, students and staff have been told that they are to evacuate immediately from the building.  Classroom teachers have also been reviewing our Lockdown procedures with students. This will be followed by a school wide lockdown drill very soon.
  • Community Officer Harpreet Bhathal- Halton Regional Police:  I had the opportunity to meet with Officer ‘Harp’ this week at Holy Family. We talked about his role in servicing our students and community.  He is familiar with our school, and after we spoke we were able to quickly take a walk through the hallways and say hi to some students. He is an excellent resource and role model for us to connect with this year, and I look forward to continuing to build a good rapport with him moving forward.
  • School Improvements: Over the summer and during the last few weeks we have included the following improvements to our school:  Paved part of parking lot with new painted parking spot lines, new floor in library, new floor in gym, new glass backboard basketball nets ordered, 2 new bike racks ordered, freshly painted lines on back pavement to differentiate between class zones, landscaping at front of the school (primarily freshening up and cutting back the overgrowth), and  4 new Smartboards ordered for classrooms.
  • Thursday, Sept.30th- Orange Shirt Day at Holy Family School:  Staff and students are invited to wear an Orange Shirt today to honour Indigenous Students that were taken from their homes and brought to residential schools. This is a visual reminder of our shared past and provides an opportunity to create dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Students may choose to be out of uniform today and wear orange.
  • Upcoming Events/Save the Date:  Paul Davis- Virtual Presentation to students in grades 5-8 during the school day, and Parent/Guardian Presentations- Thursday, October 21st.

Paul Davis has vast knowledge, experience and messages focusing on online security, presence, and the digital imprints that we all leave on-line that may be everlasting. He presents informative and impactful knowledge that students in grades 5-8 should have knowledge of when participating and interacting with others while on-line.   He will also provide us with a parent presentation the same evening at 6pm. Link will be forwarded soon!

  • Picture Day!: Wednesday, October 20th– (re-take Wed. Nov.17th), for all students in Kindergarten to grade 8.
Albani, TonyWeekly Update Sept. 13-17