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Weekly Update for Sept. 7-10

Holy Family Catholic School

Weekly Update

Update for Sept.7-10

Gracious God, we come to you at the beginning of this academic year
with our many feelings, expectations, fears and hopes.
Help us to remember, however, we have the comforting
assurance from you: “I will always be with you.”

Loving God, for all of us this is a time of transition. It is transition
from the work and leisure of summer back to the classroom.
It is transition from time spent with family and friends.
Give us patience with ourselves as we transition as well as
patience with one another.

Faithful God, this beginning is totally new for us.
Turn the sadness of leaving families to openness to new friends
and opportunities. Turn the anxiety about all that has been occurring to a quiet confidence in the way you have blessed us in the past.
Give us a new perspective to see persons, events, and academic work as an
invitation to develop the many gifts you have given us to be used in service for others.

Bless our students with your gifts of awe and wonder at the friends they have made, the way their minds and hearts have been changed, and the many opportunities that lie ahead. Give them the gift of discernment to make the right choices about the future.


Updates and Reminders:

  • We have had an amazing first week back to school at Holy Family!
  • Thank you to our parents and guardians as we followed the board’s protocols around staggered entry into the school over the first two days of school.
  • Teachers took the first two days to discuss our safety protocols with students and to review our Nutrition breaks, lunch hour, and outdoor times.  We feel we are starting to settle in for an amazing year! The safety of all students and staff has been taken into consideration when developing our Nutrition breaks, outside time and lunch hour. We have followed the board protocols and safety plans for a safe return to school, keeping cohorts separate as much as possible.
  • This week we also distributed one new mask to each student in the building. We have several masks in storage and ready to use whenever a student needs one. Masks are to be worn while in the building by all staff and students, but mask breaks during Nutrition break and over the lunch hour are allowed. We have several appropriate mask breaks built into the day. Please contact Mr. Albani if you have any questions about masks.
  •  On Thursday, Sept.9th we began our “free entry” into the building each morning.  Supervision begins at 8:35 am in the building for students. Once students arrive at school, they should enter directly into the building and go straight to class via the back doors of the school. By the time they unpack their backpacks and take off their jackets, it will be time for announcements and prayer. This is a very efficient and safe way to start our day and it’s been successful so far.
  • Fire Drills at Holy Family During COVID-19 Pandemic: We will be having a fire drill next week but under the following guidelines:
  • On the scheduled Fire Drill day, a one-time sounding of the fire alarm during an all-school announcement in order to familiarize all students and staff with the sound of the fire alarm.  
  • On the same day following Item 1, evacuation of individual classrooms in a manner that is consistent with guidance provided by the Ministry of Education and public health officials. One or two classrooms will be able to evacuate simultaneously, but all classes will quietly and safely leave the building and find their spot on the field. Teachers will do attendance and a ‘Runner’ will quickly collect attendance and bring to Mrs. Fossenier and Mr. Albani at the side of the school. Once all classes are checked, students will return to their classes.
  • School Council at Holy Family:

The parents and guardians of our students are the primary educators of their children. We believe the education of children in our Catholic Schools is a shared responsibility involving home, school and parish and is achieved through the active participation of parents/guardians to enhance our school. The Catholic School Council at Holy Family is the advisory group to the school principal.

I would like to invite any interested parent or guardian that would like to be part of our School Council to submit their name to Mr. Albanit at: by Friday, Oct.1, 2021. I will then send you the appropriate documents.

We will hold our first Virtual School Council Meeting on Monday, Oct.4th at 6:30 pm. At that time, we will nominate a Council Chair, parish representative, teacher representative, and non-teaching staff representative.

The overall goal of council is to make Holy Family a better learning and growing environment for our students. Everyone is welcome to be part of council! Feel free to ask any questions if you’re not sure about how things will work at the email above.

  • Curriculum Night:

Holy Family Staff will be holding our Curriculum Night on Thursday, Sept. 23rd. The evening will begin at 6:30 pm and end by 7:20 pm. Teachers will have two synchronous sessions: one at 6:30-6:50 pm, and 7:00-7:20 pm. It will be an opportunity for you to learn more about your child’s programming and schedule for the day. Please watch for a “Teams” invitation to a virtual meeting either from the School or from your classroom teacher. It is recommended that you download the “Teams” app onto your computer ahead of the virtual meeting with the classroom teacher.

  • Daily Covid Student Screning-

Please continue to complete the on-line student screening for your child each day. Thank you to all that have used the form sent home and are signing each day! I’ve also noticed our older students showing the check mark to teachers using their devices!  Much appreciated.

  • Painting of Lines on the back pavement.  This weekend a painter will be at the school to divide the back pavement into zones to help the students stay in their designated areas during lunch.

Have a great weekend

Tony Albani


Albani, TonyWeekly Update for Sept. 7-10