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Week at a Glance – January 6th

Happy New Year!

May every day of the New Year glow with good cheer, strong faith and happiness.

Please Arrive on Time!

The New Year is often a time when we make new resolutions to do better. As parents, please make a renewed effort to ensure that your children arrive at school on time. Our supervision begins at 8:35 am and our classes start at 8:50 am. But we frequently have students arriving late and this can be very disruptive to our classes and to our office staff. When pupils arrive late, they miss out on essential instructions given at the beginning of the lesson.

Friendly Reminder – we are a uniform school

Students should be in full uniform as all uniform pieces have arrived and there are no back orders at Inschool Wear.  Thank you for your continued support.

Staying Warm While Having Fun

As is often the case in Southern Ontario, the weather is very unpredictable. Please ensure that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. As per our Board’s Administrative Procedure VI-39, when the temperature is above -15 degrees Celsius, children will be outside for 15 minutes during the morning and afternoon recesses, and for 40 minutes during the lunch hour recess. When the temperature is between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius, the students will be outside for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. When the temperature falls below -20 degrees Celsius, the children will be kept indoors.

Our students LOVE playing in the snow; you can help them enjoy it more by making sure they have the proper clothing to stay warm including boots, snow pants, scarves, mittens, and hats. It would be helpful for students to keep an extra pair of dry mittens and socks in their lockers as well.

Reminder Lunches and Snacks

Please be aware that we have several children in our school who live with a severe life-threatening food allergy to peanuts and nuts (anaphylaxis). Please choose items carefully when sending lunches and snacks to school. Please be extra vigilant to avoid sending treats that contain nuts or traces of nuts. Thank you for your continued cooperation in ensuring the safety of our anaphylactic students.

Please check our school calendar on the web site for upcoming events.

Elementary PrincipalWeek at a Glance – January 6th