Staff Directory


Ms. Anna Marie ToltlElementary Principal Temporary Assignment
Mr. Martin SimonElementary Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Krystle RobertsonChild and Youth Counsellor
Mrs. Susanne RoblingOffice Assistant
Mrs. Teresa SchaeferElementary School Secretary
Mrs. Kathryn SimsLibrary Technician

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Sandra DaughertyElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mr. David Dos RamosElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Shauna EstevanElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms. Michele HerakElementary Teacher, French Second Language
Ms. Clarine PericElementary Teacher, French Second Language
Ms. Elaine SchmidtElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Anna WyrobaElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mrs. Erin MyersElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Deanna-Joy WhiteElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Melinda NortonElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. MaryBeth RobinsonElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Mr. Peter MainElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Mr. Craig SuttonElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Ms. Amanda GenoveseElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Mrs. Francine Tielemans-DeoniElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Ms. Agata AmbrozyElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Ms. Lynn CapostagnoElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Miss Renee PrimeauElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Ms. Sarah LogozzoElementary Teacher, Grade 8 English Portion of F.I.
Ms. Michele HerakElementary Teacher, Grade 8 French Immersion, French
Ms. Alexandra PapaisElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Mr. Michael RogersElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Jacinta HalovanicElementary Teacher, Kindergarten Primary Team Member
Ms. Colleen McInnesLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 2/3
Ms. Joanna FernandesLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 4
Ms. Natasha InternicolaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 4
Ms Barbara HabachiLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Kindergarten
Ms. Michelle Andre-CottrellElementary Teacher, Planning Time Teacher
Ms. Jacinta HalovanicElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Michelle Andre-CottrellElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Ms. Bernadette BambaoDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Claudette JefferyEducational Assistant
Ms. Talia Mowlah-BakshDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Helen OkeTemporary Designated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Pina PriebeEducational Assistant
Ms Corey TennierEducational Assistant, Temporary
Miss Gwendolyn ZybalaEducational Assistant
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