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Weekly Update January 3-7

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a happy new year and hope that you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. As per Dr. Moore’s announcement, we will have a delayed start to our first week back as we prepare for a safe start to the new year. We will welcome all of our students back on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022.

Daily Confirmation of COVID-19 Self-Screening

As was the case in September, the Ministry of Education has directed all schools to implement daily confirmation of COVID self-screening for all elementary students attending school in person. This will be in place upon the return from Christmas Break until further notice under the direction of the Ministry of Education.

  1. Parents and guardians are asked to complete the COVID-19 School Screening Toolfor each child every day before leaving home for school.
  2. Confirmation of the daily screening must be provided to the classroom teacher in one of the following formats: 
  • Email results to classroom teacher;  
  • Show “pass” confirmation on a personal device;
  • Show printed copy of the screening tool indicating the current date and a “pass”; OR 
  • Complete Confirmation of Daily COVID-19 Student Screening Log, which your child(ren) bring back and forth to school each day (your child will have received this form during the last week of school, if you cannot find it, let the classroom teacher know that you would like a new copy) – a copy can also be printed from our school website.

Thank you for your co-operation in keeping everyone safe in our community!

When Should I Keep My Child Home?

The Ontario Ministry of Health has once again updated its guidelines around Covid-19, testing, and isolation requirements. Please follow the directions of the online School Screening Tool each and every day to determine whether or not you should bring your children to school. Public Health will no longer be administering PCR tests for people who are not considered “high-risk individuals”. If you or your child has cold-like symptoms, assume that you have Covid and that your family must isolate. You can also use these two flowcharts whenever someone in your household exhibits cold-like symptoms or comes into contact with a positive case of Covid-19:

Please note that isolation requirements have changed. Some individuals, as per the guidelines above, may only need to isolate for 5 days. Also, at this time, we have been told that Public Health will no longer be dismissing classes when there has been an exposure to a positive case. For more information about Omicron and testing guidance, please download the following document from the Ministry of Health:

Staying Warm While Having Fun!

As is often the case in Southern Ontario, the weather is very unpredictable. Please ensure that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. As per our Board’s Administrative Procedure VI-39, when the temperature is above -15 degrees Celsius, children will be outside for 15 minutes during the morning and afternoon recesses, and for 40 minutes during the lunch hour recess. When the temperature is between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius, the students will be outside for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. When the temperature falls below -20 degrees Celsius, the children will be kept indoors.

Our students LOVE playing in the snow; you can help them enjoy it more by making sure they have the proper clothing to stay warm including boots, snow pants, scarves, mittens, and hats. It would be helpful for students to keep an extra pair of dry mittens and socks in their lockers as well.

A New Year’s Prayer

God of this New Year, we are walking into mystery. We face the future, not knowing what the days or months will bring to us or how we will respond.

Be love in us as we journey. May we welcome all who come our way. Deepen our faith to see all of life through Your eyes.

Fill us with hope and an abiding trust that You dwell in us amidst all our joys and sorrows. Thank You for the treasure of our faith life.

Thank You for the gift of being able to rise each day with the assurance of Your walking through the day with us. God of this New Year, we praise You.


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