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Weekly Update October 25-29

Good afternoon families,

Halloween Holy Cross Fundraiser

Thank you to the many families that have already donated to our Halloween Fundraiser! This is our major fundraiser for the year, supported and organized by our Catholic School Council. Funds raised will support school base initiatives such as new sports equipment for our gymnasium, a new Graduation Board and updating/replacing technology. Please see the attached flyers for more information!

Donating is easy! Simply log in to your School Cash Online Account:

 1. Log in to your School Cash Online Account:

2. At the top right-hand corner, click on “Make a Donation”

3. Under “Gift Information” area, select the donation amount and ensure you select HOLY CROSS Catholic School

4. In the “Tribute Information” area, select “This gift is in honour of” and then type in the name of the student who the pledge is for (this information is VITAL for determining our prize winners)

5. Add your donation to the cart and proceed with the checkout steps

6. A tax receipt will be sent directly to you

Halloween Costume Selection

The Halton Catholic District School Board is committed to creating and supporting a positive climate in each of our school communities, that fosters and promotes equity, inclusivity and celebrates diversity.  Halloween is a great time to dress up and have fun with costumes. There are endless possibilities for what children (and adults) can be for Halloween. A clown, a crime-fighting cartoon puppy, a banana, a giant hot dog, a Minecraft character, a velociraptor. However, another person’s culture should never be our costume.

In our Catholic education community, we want to promote respect, inclusion and empathy for all individuals. As you select a Halloween costume this year, we encourage you to talk to your children about becoming critical thinkers and social justice champions in all aspects of their lives.

The following are suggested questions to reflect on with your child when choosing a costume.  Your conversations at home on this topic directly help to support our school’s efforts to create and maintain an equitable and inclusive learning environment:

  • Is my costume making fun of a group of people, their culture or religion?
  • Does my costume reinforce jokes and stereotypes about certain groups, cultures or religions?
  • Am I altering my skin colour, facial/body features to make them more like a particular race, ethnicity, or cultural group?
  • Am I dressing up as a culture or borrowing from a religion that is not my own or is not part of my background?
  • Do I understand and respect the history or tradition of the culture that I am borrowing my costume from?

Halloween Candy and Treats

A reminder that we encourage our students to celebrate the spirit and fun of Halloween, however we cannot accept any food or candy items at schoolThank you for your understanding.

High School Placement Options

Our high school will be hosting information nights for parents of our Grade 8 students so that you can learn more about the different program placement options available. Please mark your calendars for the events below:

Holy Cross Parish – Grade 2 First Communion & Grade 7 Confirmation

Please find attached the most recent communication from Holy Cross Parish.

Dressing for the Weather

We will continue to encourage outdoor play and learning as much as possible this year, so please send your children to school prepared for the cooler weather, including outdoor footwear. Thank you!  

Daily Confirmation of COVID-19 Self-Screening
Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment

  • Check your child’s temperature to ensure they do not have a fever (temperature greater than 37.8oC) 
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms (including atypical symptoms) of COVID-19 
  •  If any signs or symptoms, students and other household members must stay home, and school must be contacted. 

Please note that if a student or staff member shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has come into close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, they cannot come to school. They must self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19.

Have a safe weekend!

Mr. Cacciola

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Cacciola, AnthonyWeekly Update October 25-29