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Weekly Update: May 10-14, 2021

On Mother’s Day, we hope that you will take the time to thank all the Moms in your life and that their days are showered with love and blessings.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our Holy Cross Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Figures!

Thank you for a wonderful Catholic Education Week!

We would like to express our thanks to our school community for a wonderful week celebrating Catholic education together.  We appreciate your efforts to participate in the many examples of great learning that takes place at Holy Cross each day. Even though we are apart, we continue to work together to nurture hope, kindness, and love, committed to student achievement and well-bring as we serve to provide excellence in Catholic education.

This week, we also took the time to acknowledge two of this year’s award-winning students.  Congratulations to Payton M. (Grade 8) who is this year’s recipient of the Award of Excellence for Holy Cross.  The Student Awards of Excellence are presented annually to a student from each elementary and secondary school who has demonstrated outstanding qualities in Catholic leadership, family commitment, involvement in school affairs and community activities.

Thomas M. (Grade 7) is the Holy Cross recipient of the Spirit of Inclusion Award.   This award was created by the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) and is presented each year to elementary and secondary students who demonstrate a commitment to school activities and to their community, making their peers feel valued and respected.

Thank you both for being wonderful role models to our younger students!

Spring Virtual Book Fair

A gentle reminder that today is the last day for our Spring Virtual Book Fair.  The link to access the virtual book fair is: orders shipped directly to student’s homes and anyone can order – parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers!

Holy Cross Family Kahoot! Trivia Night – this Thursday

Mark your calendars!  On Thursday, May 13th, at 6:30 p.m., Holy Cross will be hosting a Family Kahoot! Trivia Night.  We hope that everyone can join us for this fun community event!  Parents and students are encouraged to work together as a team in one or both of the categories: “Disney Trivia” or “All things Canadian”.  On May 13th, every family will receive an e-mail with the link to an MS TEAMS meeting, along with the PIN required to access the Kahoot!  from (which is the platform for the trivia contest).

It is best to have two devices to participate: one for seeing the questions through the TEAMs meeting and the other to access through your preferred browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox), to enter the PIN (provided via e-mail on the morning of May 13), and to select your answers.  If you are planning to use one device to play, you will need to split your screen between the TEAMs meeting and

Please use your family surname when prompted for a “Nickname” to use for the Kahoot! Trivia game.  The top three scores will win a PRIZE, so we will need this information to identify the winners!

School Climate Survey

In an ongoing effort to promote safe, inclusive, and accepting schools, HCDSB will be administering an online School Climate Survey for students beginning the week of May 10th, 2021 for students in Grades 4 – 12.

The School Climate Student Survey asks students for their opinion on key areas that research has shown to be important in understanding school climate, and that have an impact on student outcomes – with a focus on safety, inclusion, and relationships. 

Some important notes about the survey:

  • The survey is voluntary and will take place during the school day.
  • Students may choose not to respond to a question, to skip any question they don’t want to answer, or to stop taking the survey at any time, without any negative consequences. 
  • The survey is anonymous and confidential. Student names will not be collected, and their responses will be securely stored by HCDSB Research and Development Services staff.
  • Results of this survey will be reported at the school-level and individual respondents will not be identified. 
  • This survey has been developed and tested by HCDSB’s Research and Development Services staff, in collaboration with other HCDSB staff members.

Looking Ahead-2021/2022 Student Class Placement

As previously noted, preparations are underway to ensure that our school is organized for the 2021/2022 school year.  Staff will be working hard on student class placements in the coming months.  As you can appreciate, many hours of meetings and consultations go into the class building process to ensure the appropriate placement of all students.  The process continues right up to the final publication of class lists in September.

When building a class, staff considers the following criteria to develop heterogeneous groupings:

  • Balance of ability (academic skills)
  • Balance according to gender
  • Learning style (how the learner learns)
  • Teaching style (how the teacher teaches)
  • Social blending (who gets along with whom)
  • Parental input (re: learning style of student only)

When developing our class lists, every effort is made to place the child where he or she will be able to work best and achieve the most success.  We recognize that having a familiar face can be an important source of support for a child’s learning.   As such, we invite each student to indicate, in collaboration with their parents, a few LEARNING FRIENDS that can support a positive learning experience and contribute to their success.  Although we cannot guarantee that these students will be in the same class, we will consider this input very seriously. Please fill one FORM out for every child in the family.  This survey will be available until May 21st, 2021:  Considerations for Class Placement

Please note that parental input is important to us but must be weighted with the other criteria. Specific teacher requests cannot be considered Rather, if necessary, parental input, in the form of an email to the Principal, should focus on the learning style of the student and the type of environment in which he/she learns best. Emails should be sent to Mrs. Toltl no later than Friday, May 21, 2021 at:

The staff at Holy Cross are a group of dedicated professionals. Years of meeting the learning needs of children gives them the unique qualifications to make these decisions. It takes many hours of discussion, reflection, revision and consideration of alternatives to arrive at the best organization for our school. Therefore, as you can appreciate, the decisions made by school staff are final, with the understanding that so much time and care has already been put into making them. We thank you in advance for your understanding of this very important matter.

We will have over 400 students in September.  We do our very best to develop classes that maximize opportunities for each child to learn and be successful!  Your trust in our professional judgment is appreciated!


If your child(ren) will not be returning to Holy Cross in September, please email Mrs. Ceko at  to let our office staff know as soon as possible. This information is helpful to us as we begin to consider our classes for next year. We appreciate your help and support.

Holy Cross Tips

The month of May is a traditionally considered Mary’s month: the month in which we honor Mary as the Mother of Jesus and our Heavenly Mother.  The Rosary is one example of a special devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary.  Please enjoy this lovely resource created by our Pastoral Animator, Mme Peric, to support you should you wish to pray the Rosary as a family at home:

Thank you for your continued attention to crucial Public Health Measures at this critical point in the fight against COVID-19.  We continue to draw on our faith and offer prayers for the safety and well-being of those who are sick, and those who are working on the frontlines to care for them.  

Anna Marie Toltl

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Toltl, Anna MarieWeekly Update: May 10-14, 2021