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Weekly Update: June 22-26, 2020

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventures, story-tellers, and singers of songs.” ~ Pam Brown.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Holy Cross Fathers!

On Fathers’s Day, we hope that you have opportunity to say thanks to all the Dads in your life.  We wish you all a day filled with love and laughter together with loved ones.  May God bless you all!

Graduation tomorrow – Monday, June 22nd!

Congratulations to our Graduates who will celebrate their graduation officially, tomorrow, via “curb-side” certificate pick-up and evening virtual graduation.  We would like to acknowledge this outstanding group of young people and thank them for all their wonderful contributions to the Holy Cross community.  We hope to see them in future as volunteers and Co-op students because… once a Crusader, always a Crusader!   May God bless each of you as you move on to the next adventure!

Catholic School Council – Thank you!

The Graduation is but one of the many events that our Catholic School council has supported this year with their ideas, creative talents, time and teamwork.  Holy Cross Catholic School Council has had a successful year representing the voice of the parent community in the life of our School.  Thank you to all members for your commitment to Holy Cross School and all of its students and staff. Your input and feedback is valued and appreciated.

  • Co-chairs Karen Hill and Karen Lewis
  • Debbie Reich
  • Sarah Egan
  • Susan Robertson
  • Mike & Karen Kirtz
  • Michelle Leonard
  • Rosanne Natale
  • Amanda Fini
  • Tiffany Bennet
  • Felicia Fenlong
  • Jennifer Holiday
  • Roisin McGinley McLafferty
  • Shannon DiRenzo
  • Lynda Adams
  • Camille Gagnon
  • Antonija Marsic
  • Tracy Noonan
  • Bridget Kyle

Thank you to Mrs. Capostagno and Ms. Bambao for serving as Teaching and Non-Teaching Reps on our Council.

We would like to acknowledge in a special way, four Council members who will be “graduating” this year: Felicia Fenlong, Michelle Leonard, Amanda Fini and Rosanne Natale.  These ladies have given countless hours to events such as the dance-a-thon and the BBQ over many years. Their service to all the children of Holy Cross, and their contributions in making this learning community such a welcoming, engaging one for students, parents and staff will never be forgotten.  They will certainly be missed!

Report Cards go home on Wednesday, June 25

This year, in light of the school closures due to COVID-19, student report cards will be delivered electronically. The report cards will be delivered directly to parents and guardians by email on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Parents and guardians will need their child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) in order to access the report card. Your child’s OEN number can be found on a previous report card. The Ministry has waived the expectation for both a teacher and parental signature for this reporting period. The School Principal’s electronic signature will appear on all student report cards.

Please review this update regarding report cards for this school year: Report Card Update.  As with all reporting periods, parents and guardians may contact their child’s teacher to arrange a time to discuss the report card.  You are also welcomed to contact our school administration with any questions or should you require further clarification. 

Curb-side pick-ups and drop-offs on Wednesday June 24th and Thursday June 25th

Thank you for selecting time slots on either Wednesday or Thursday to pick up personal belongings and/or to drop off borrowed items such as devices, library books, and texts.  Please adhere to the time allotted and please review the protocols provided.  Parent Protocol for Retrievals and Returns

Holy Cross Tips

Staff and students are finding it challenging to not have the opportunity for the “closure” that comes with a proper June “good-bye” and usual tributes.   We can support our children by

  • Recognizing all that we, as a community, have overcome and accomplished; reminding them of their strengths and their ability to influence change in their world
  • Sharing the importance of relationships by providing space for them to connect with teachers and their peers virtually or through notes.  Please continue to use the Learning Platforms!
  • Reminding them that they will be re-connected in the future

Source: Faculty Focus

AM Toltl/M. Simon
Principal/Vice Principal

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Elementary Vice-PrincipalWeekly Update: June 22-26, 2020