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Weekly Update: March 16-20, 2020

Lord, help me
Be prepared, but not anxious.
Be aware, but not desperate.
Be vigilant, but not in fear.
Be joyful, but not clueless.
Be faithful, but not careless.
Lord, be my hope and strength.


School Closures beyond the March Break

All HCDSB schools will be CLOSED from March 14 through April 5, 2020.
The health and well-being of our students and staff remains our highest priority. HCDSB will continue to post updates on our website at: and share new information with parents and staff directly via email as it becomes available.

School Closures: Optional food orders

In light of the school closure, please note that pizza delivery will be postponed until further notice.  Lunchbox orders scheduled from March 23 – April 3 will be cancelled.  Lunchbox will be notifying parents of the cancellation and a credit will be placed on their Lunchbox Orders account.  Lunchbox will ensure that school’s lunch calendar is updated to reflect the cancelled delivery dates.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lunchbox at 1.877.426.6860.

School Closures: A message from our Parish

Thank you, Father Dave, for sharing the updates below regarding Parish events.

RETREATS:  We had our 1st Communion Retreats all scheduled for before Easter.  Those will obviously be canceled.  The Parish and schools will work together to try to re-schedule these retreats after Easter, but if this is not possible, at the very least, Father will visit all of the Gr. 2 classes during the week prior to their scheduled First Communions to prepare them in-school.

FIRST COMMUNIONS: We have these scheduled during our Weekend Masses throughout April and May.  The Parish will hold those dates for now, and monitor how things unfold in the coming days and weeks.  If warranted, the dates may be moved. 

LENTEN FAMILY MASS: There is always Mass at 7pm on Tuesday nights, so the Mass will proceed as usual, but the idea of a ‘Family of Schools Mass’ that evening will be canceled.  Anyone still wishing to join us will of course still be welcome, but it will just be Mass as usual.

PARISH SUNDAY MASSES: We plan to continue with our regular Sunday Mass schedule unless Public Health asks us to shut down large public gatherings.  We will be taking the obvious precautions of suspending the shaking of hands at the Sign of Peace, draining our Holy Water Fonts, and supplying hand sanitizer to our Eucharistic Ministers

Holy Cross Tip

Mental Health Tip of the Month – Self Care

These are unprecedented times!  Being attentive to how we are feeling, along with being intentional about our self-care is important to both our physical and mental health.  It’s essential to take care of yourself, not just for your well-being, but also for those you care about and support. Your self-care will help improve your energy, focus, ability to cope with challenges and overall life experience. And you are modelling wellness strategies for the children and youth you serve and/or parent. Here are some ways to ensure you are practicing good self-care.

Be gentle — Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Treat yourself with compassion and gentleness, as you would a dear friend. We all make mistakes. You are doing your best.

Be committed — Commit to your self-care. Persist with this, even when life gets busy. Especially when life gets busy. Trying a new skill or habit for 21 days in a row seems to increase the likelihood of maintaining a new practice. Having an accountability partner during those first few weeks can help!

Nourish yourself — So often it’s the little things, like taking time to eat and hydrate adequately, that get missed when we are busy caring for others. Be mindful of the foods you choose and how much water you drink. Food and water fuel us for the day. Pack healthy snacks. Use a reusable water bottle. Limit caffeine intake. Notice and enjoy your meals and snacks.

Sleep well — Aim to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Research has shown that getting five hours or less of sleep a night can lead to health problems. Getting enough sleep also helps you cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Stay active — Physical activity increases your energy, enhances your immune system, reduces insomnia, stimulates brain growth, and even acts as an antidepressant. You can achieve these benefits with as little as a 30-minute walk. Plus, the endorphin production following physical activity is nature’s gift to you for stress management.

Stay connected — Supportive relationships are one of the most powerful influences on our sense of wellness. People who regularly spend time with friends and family show the highest levels of happiness. If you can’t see your loved ones every day, you can still send an email or make a phone call.

Pause & Reflect — Make sure to take time for yourself during the day, to listen to music, take a few deep breaths, meditate, write in a gratitude journal, do a few stretches, take a brisk walk or do some other activity that helps you feel restored. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, as part of your self-care. Take time to reflect on what is important to you both personally and professionally. Your values and a sense of purpose help you focus on what is meaningful for you. Source: School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO),

Upcoming Events

Please check our school calendar found on our school website to keep on top of upcoming events:

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