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Weekly Update: Jan 27-31, 2020

“And they were bringing children to Him so that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw this, He was indignant and said to them, “Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all. And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands on them.” ~ Mark 10:13-16

International Holocaust Memorial Day

Tomorrow, Monday, January 27th, the Holy Cross School Community, together with every school in HCDSB, will recognize and participate in the International Holocaust Memorial Day commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War.  In recognition of this Board-wide initiative, Intermediate students engaged in interactive lessons within the Tour for Humanity Bus from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies this past Wednesday.  The representatives commented on how attentive, respectful, and knowledgeable our students were.  We are very proud of our students for the way they represented Holy Cross to our guests!  We know they will do an outstanding job in delivering a special prayer service to the school on January 27th.  Through prayer and activities, we aim to raise awareness and learn to explore the perspectives of Holocaust survivors.

A special thank you to our parent community for their patience regarding our parking lot, as we accommodated the large Tour for Humanity bus on Wednesday.

And speaking of our parking lot…

We all recognize that the layout of our parking lot poses some challenges.  We further acknowledge that we must all work together, united in the same goal and concern: the safe arrival and dismissal of students.  In addition to increased staff presence, please note that we have invited representatives from the Town to offer advice and suggestions.  While the barrier provided did not improve the flow of traffic as we had hoped, we find that the extended time on the traffic lights that we requested does improve the efficiency in exiting the school property.  We are committed to continuing to collaborate and brainstorm solutions, and we need your help!  Please be reminded that

  • caregivers are to park in the appropriate spaces and walk up to the gate to pick up children.
  • once the parking spaces are filled, caregivers must find alternative parking and walk up to the school to retrieve children.
  • double parking is dangerous and exacerbates the problem!
  • idling cars pose a serious health risk to children. An idling vehicle produces almost twice the emissions as a moving vehicle. Restarting an engine produces less emissions than idling for 10 seconds.

By virtue of their size, children are closer to the ground: they are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution as their bodies, and specifically their respiratory systems, are not yet fully developed.  We respectfully implore you to turn off your engines when not in use!

Thank you to those who continue to use our parking lot properly by following the posted and painted signs and the suggestions from the school, and for modelling Catholic Faith behaviour with regards to any incidences or concerns that may occur.


Faith-based special events this week

Grade 7 students will enjoy their Confirmation Retreat this Tuesday, January 28th.  They will be bussed to the Church for this Parish-led event.  We will be praying for our Confirmandi as they prepare to take this next step in their faith journey!

Grade 8 students will gather with all the Grade 8 students in our Family of Schools for Mass and an opportunity to hear a special guest speaker who happens to be HCDSB alumni over at CTK this Wednesday January 29th.  We look forward to welcoming Emily Litster, a former St. Catherine of Alexandria and Christ the King student and is now the Spiritual and Student Development Advisor at St. Jerome’s University.  We aim to encouraging all the youth in our Family of Schools to continue to practice their faith as they embark upon their Secondary School adventure.

Grade 8 parents, kindly note that we will be walking over to CTK.  Please ensure that your children are wearing appropriate footwear and warm clothes for our brisk walk!

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Mental health affects all of us. This Wednesday, January 29th, we invite every member of the Holy Cross school community to join the conversation towards improving access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada.  Let us pray for families impacted by mental health concerns and remind each other that prayer is a wonderful way to improve and strengthen our own mental health.

We will continue to work together to end the stigma and promote positive mental health and well-being for all!

PA Day Friday, January 31st

A friendly reminder to parents that this upcoming Friday is a PA Day and there is NO school for students.

Holy Cross Tips

HCDSB has committed to a Mental Health & Addictions Strategy, which includes providing resources and strategies to support conversations, such as a Mental Health Tip of the Month for parents, students and schools.  The hope and objective is that by sharing, promoting and discussing mental health issues regularly, we will reduce the shame and stigma that is often connected to mental health challenges while also building capacity.

The information provided is evidenced-based and from School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO)

Mental Health Tip of the Month – January 2020

Parent Tip: How to talk with your child when you feel concerned that they may be struggling with a mental health concern:

It can be challenging to talk about mental health. Sometimes parents, like others, avoid the conversation because they don’t know how to start or they worry that they might put thoughts into their child’s head that had not been there, and will therefore, make things worse. Research tells us that this is not the case. Bringing up worries, concerns, changes in behaviour etc. with your child will open the lines of communication rather than worsen the situation.

Here are some tips to help you talk to your child about mental health:

  • Find a quiet time when you are unlikely to have interruptions to begin the conversation.
  • Reassure your child that they can tell you anything and you will not get angry with them (even if you get scared).
  • Start the conversation with describing changes you have noticed in their mood, behaviour, reactions etc. e.g., “I have noticed that you seem to be crying more.” If you have had conversations with your child’s teacher about concerns, include comments from the teacher’s observations.
  • Share that you “wonder” about how your child might be feeling, what they might be thinking, what they might be worried about etc. e.g., “I wonder if you’re feeling sad about losing your friendship with Sam.”
  • Allow your child time to reflect before they answer.
  • Stay calm and don’t abandon the conversation if your child responds with “Nothing is wrong……leave me alone”. If this happens, reassure your child that you are there for them. Give your child some time and then try again.
  • If your child tells you anything that makes you worried (e.g., thoughts of suicide, overwhelming anxiety, self-injurious behaviour like cutting) reassure your child that you are glad they told you and you will help them find the right professional to talk to, and you will be there for them throughout the journey.

Please see for more information.

Upcoming Events

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