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Holy Cross School Has a New Logo!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an updated crest and school team logo for Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School! The new logo reflects our rich school history and celebrates our school’s unique identity in the Region of Halton.

Our updated logo includes a shield, and now also features a cross, which represents our school name, and is symbolic of the strength of our Catholic faith. The school name also appears as a figure of the cross, reading top down, then left to right, just as we do when making the sign of the cross. 

The updated logo maintains our traditional school colours of green and gold, with slight updates to the colour palette. The green colour represents the growth and security of our school community. The contrasting gold tone represents courage, a common quality amongst our crusaders!

Our school team logo was also created to match the new look and colours of the new school crest.

As we pay tribute to our rich, cultural heritage evident in our new school logo, we look forward to celebrating our ongoing successes, while continuing the standard of excellence at Holy Cross!

Creative Design OfficerHoly Cross School Has a New Logo!