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Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

International People with Disabilities Day

How to Celebrate International Day of Disabled Persons 2021 in the  Workplace - The Diversity Speakers Agency

Tomorrow we celebrate International People with Disabilities Day and in keeping with Advent – the season of preparation and expectation where the liturgical colour of the season is purple, we will be having a wear purple spirit day.

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Yesterday’s Quizzle (From Theresa P from Ms. Bark’s Grade 2 Class)

What creature(s) sleep in the day and are awake at night? (See how many you can come up with!)

Multiple Answers: Theresa was thinking bats, but here is what the Canadian Wildlife Federation says about 5 common nocturnal animals:

  1. Northern Saw Whet – This beautiful but rarely seen owl inhabits remote areas and spends daylight hours in seclusion. Being a nocturnal creature, the owl utilizes its heightened sense of smell and keen eyesight to its advantage. Most other nocturnal species share heightened senses adaptable to nighttime conditions.
  2. Skunk – You may already know skunks are nocturnal creatures, but did you know the smell of a skunk can travel one kilometre in the wind? You might have already come across this unfriendly scent this year –  skunks come out of their hibernation in late February and are fully active by the end March.
  3. Raccoon – There’s more to raccoons than tipping over garbage cans in the night! Raccoons prepare their young for life’s journey by teaching them to hunt, climb and swim within their first year. Although the males of the litter often leave after these lessons are taught, juvenile females tend to stay close to their home range.
  4. Red Fox – The red fox hunts primarily at night, from dusk through until the early morning. Its ability to hear low-frequency sounds allow it to detect animals as they dig and burrow underground. This advantage greatly helps with the success of the fox’s nighttime hunts.
  5. Toad – Although you may have seen toads out and about during the day, these creatures are primarily nocturnal. Preferring shady and damp conditions, toads spend much of their time underground, beneath logs or within the crevices of rocks. You can visit to learn how to attract toads and other amphibians to your yard!

Today’s Quizzle: (From Jada Nonyelu in Ms. Smith’s Grade 2 Class)

I don’t like water, I am dangerous to you, but I also help you do many things. What am I?

From Mrs. Johnston in the Library…

Check out this new book!

Fiction: Broken Strings by Eric Walters and Kathy Kacer

Staff/Student Announcements:

The Library is closed for the morning due to meetings. This is a last minute change and we apologize for the inconvenience. It will be open tomorrow.

Mme Stewart’s classes are cancelled for the day as are Mrs. Bakare’s.

Stephens, KellyThursday, December 2nd, 2021