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Friday, November 19, 2021

November is Indigenous Awareness Month

Do you know what smudging is? Many Indigenous Peoples have smudging ceremonies. Smudging is like having a cleansing smoke bath that purifies the persons body, energy, personal space or articles or the ceremonial space itself. Smudging removes the negative and helps to heal. Plants such as tobacco, sage, sweet grass, cedar, and lavender are burned, in a shell, and the smoke is directed with a single feather. It is believed that the feather possesses the spirit qualities of a bird- connecting the heavens above to the earth below.

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Yesterday’s Quizzle: (From Kayla in Mrs. Mill’s Grade 8 Class)
I run around a field but I never move. What am I?

Answer: A Fence!

Today’s Quizzle (From Maxwell, Max, Alex, Shaun and Cole in Mrs. Cilia’s Grade 4 Class)

If yesterday is today and today is tomorrow, what is tomorrow? (in this case the answer is not Saturday!)

Just a note about Quizzles – Keep those riddles coming! While jokes are fun, they aren’t riddles…

Student Announcements:

Intermediate Reading Club/Book Exchange occurs on Monday, Thursday and Friday at first recess? Maximum 20 students, sign in and only sit with your cohort.

Colouring Club will take place in the Library at lunch today for those with passes.

iDARE Monthly Contests!

The student iDARE committee will be holding monthly contests. We will show you an image that is designed to make you think and think deeply. Here is our November contest image.

The “un-” state of mind: Learning to unlearn.. · De Appel Curatorial  Programme

Submit a response to our Google Form: The last day to submit a response is now next Friday! The draw will be on November 30th. Get your response submitted for a prize! Our iDARE students will be around to tell you all about them today and tomorrow.

Staff Announcements:

PT Payback Schedule today has been cancelled, and Mrs. Johnston’s classes have been cancelled. Sorry.

Teachers are pleased asked to complete the Parent Interview Night Survey right now as our order for dinner is going in right after announcements. An email with the link to the survey was sent directly to those who haven’t completed it this morning.

The last day to make revisions to report cards is on Sunday at midnight. Please ensure that as soon as feedback is provided you’re making this a priority. Thank you to those of you have done this already!

Stephens, KellyFriday, November 19, 2021