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Cyber Safety & Cyberbullying Resources

In the past year, as our school and personal interactions have become reliant on technology, it is important that parents and students understand the importance of cyber safety, and that we learn to protect ourselves online.

Please visit the resources linked below for more information on cybersecurity, online privacy and online safety; all integral to our learning and personal environments in digital spaces.


In light of Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week, and as student interactions through online learning environments and social media platforms have increased, it is also important that we shed light on and understand the effects of cyberbullying. 

The Government of Canada’s website provides helpful resources with information on cyberbullying, and how to stop and prevent it. Visit the Government of Canada’s Cyberbullying webpage here for more information.

More Information

For more information on cyber safety, please visit

As always, at Guardian Angels we work to cultivate a positive sense of belonging and well-being, and work to ensure our school is safe, welcoming and inclusive for all –– whether that be through our interactions online or in-person.

Gligoric, JulianaCyber Safety & Cyberbullying Resources