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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

A very special welcome to our new families that are joining our Guardian Angels school community!

Thank you!

Thank you to our AMAZING staff who have been in all week preparing a safe & special learning space.  Thank you to our INCREDIBLE office and custodial staff.  The school is organized and looks terrific!

Thank you to all our GA families.  You have been so patient and supportive as we begin a new and very different school year!

Intent to Return Survey Results

  • 660 In-Class Learners
  • 204 Remote Online Learners

Class Placements for In-Class Learners Gr. 1-8

Please be advised that you will be able to access information about your child’s class placement on Saturday, September 5, 2020, after 12:00 p.m.  This information will be available on the Board’s website at: On the Home page, please click on the “Schools” tab and then on the “School Listing” tab in the drop-down menu.  You will be directed to the school listing page. Once you have arrived on this page, please click on “Class Placements”, beside the appropriate Elementary school name.

Many factors were accounted for when reorganizing classes and there were numerous staff changes this last week.  We did try our best to accommodate requests, but some requests were no longer possible.    

PLEASE NOTE: In order to access this information, you will require your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN), which can be found on his/her report card.

First Week Information

Staggered Entry In-Class Learning Gr. 1-8

As most of you already know, the first day of instruction has been staggered for all students to ensure a safe and healthy return for all.

  • Wednesday, September 9th – family surname A-F
  • Thursday, September 10th – family surname G-N
  • Friday, September 11th – family surname O-Z
  • Monday, September 14th – Grade 1-8 full entry for in-class instruction

Kindergarten Staggered Entry In-Class Learning

Kindergarten students (JK and SK) will have a staggered entry that is different from the Grade 1-8 students.

  • Tuesday, September 8th = Interviews (pm only)
  • Wednesday, September 9th = Interviews
  • Thursday, September 10th = All current SK students 1st day of school
  • Friday, September 11th = 1/2 of the JK’s and ALL SK’s
  • Monday, September 14th = the other 1/2 of the JK’s and ALL SK’s
  • Tuesday, September 15th = All SK and JK students attend school together

First day of Instruction for Remote Online Learners

Monday, September 14th – online instruction begins for those who opted for remote learning (more info to come)

In-School COVID-19 Routines

In order to help minimize contacts and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our school community, the following routines will be in place:

Drop Off and Pick-up

Only one parent or guardian will be permitted on school property to drop off and pick up children including on the first day of school. Parents and guardians will remain outside and will not be permitted to enter the school (unless there is an extenuating need, and prior approval has been obtained as per the Visitor Protocol). 

Morning Yard Supervision begins at 8:15 am. For the safety of your children, we request that your child NOT be on school property until a supervisor is on duty. Students will have a designated place to line up upon arrival. Once your child arrives on school property in the morning they are expected to go directly to their “line up” area. There is no free play on school property between 8:15-8:30. 

All teachers will be outside the first week of school to meet your child and bring them into the building. We will be implementing an entry plan to limit the number of students in our hallways at one time.  

Kindergarten students will enter the school immediately upon arrival in the morning through their Kindergarten Yard beginning at 8:15.    

Parents and caregivers are asked to leave the school property as soon as they drop off their child(ren). No gathering or congregating will be allowed on school property.  Thank you for your understanding and assistance as we work together to protect our students, families and staff so that we can ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.  

Children arriving late for school must enter via the front doors.

Recess Routines Gr. 1-8

To reduce the number of children outdoors at one time, a staggered recess plan is in place. Please see the schedule attached below.

Recess/Nutritional Break Schedule

BreakGradesOutdoor RecessNutritional Break
MorningGr. 1-39:55-10:10Before Outdoor Recess
 Gr. 4-6Before or After Nutritional Break9:55-10:10
 Gr. 7-8Before or After Nutritional Break9:55-10:10
LunchGr. 3-611:30-12:0012:00-12:30
 Gr. 1-2 & Gr. 7-812:00-12:3011:30-12:00
AfternoonGr. 1-3Before or After Nutritional Break1:50-2:05
 Gr. 4-61:50-2:05Before or After Outdoor Recess
 Gr. 7-82:45-3:001:50-2:05

* Kindergarten students follow their own class schedule
** This schedule is subject to changes as needs/problems present themselves over the coming weeks.   

Daily Self Screening 

Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Daily Screening Checklist.

  • Check your child’s temperature to ensure they do not have a fever (temperature greater than 37.8oC) 
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms (including atypical symptoms) of COVID-19 

If any signs or symptoms, student and other household members must stay home, and school must be contacted. 

Please note, that if a student or staff member shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has come into close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, they cannot come to school. They must self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19.  ​ 

Visitor Protocol 

In an effort to minimize contacts and help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, we are limiting visitor access to our school.   

All visitors, including parents and HCDSB staff who are not assigned to our school, will require approval and pre-screening before entering our building. Only visits that are deemed absolutely essential will be approved – e.g. visits by the Fire Marshal’s office or by public health. Where possible, meetings or visits will be conducted virtually.  

Visitors who are granted approval will be required to book an appointment and complete an online screening form prior to arriving at our school. Once inside, all visitors will be required to wear masks.   

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do all we can to ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.  


All students are required to wear a non-medical face mask while in the building (unless exempt – see below). They may be removed when outside.  If a child does not have a mask, one will be provided by the teacher.  Please take some time to review and practice the routine of washing hands, putting on a mask, then taking off a mask, and washing hands, with your child. HERE is a great visual to support your child’s understanding of mask use at school.

Exemptions for Wearing Masks  

Reasonable exceptions to mask wearing will be considered. An exemption may be requested for a student in Grades K-8 for the following reasons: 

  • A pre-existing medical condition. 
  • A diagnosis or learning profile that would limit a student’s ability to tolerate or safely wear a mask, including whereby a mask would affect essential communication for a person who is hearing impaired. 
  • Other, as detailed by a healthcare practitioner. 

If any of the above conditions apply to your son or daughter, please contact our School Office to arrange for a Mask Exemption request form. 


Students are organized into cohorts by class and are always to remain with their cohort including during recess times.  Cohorts are assigned a specific area while outside at recess and are not permitted to play with students in other cohorts.  They are to remain in their assigned area.

Washroom Use

Children must sign out of class to use the washroom (for contact tracing purposes). 2 children are allowed in each washroom at a time, and there are 3 waiting spots marked outside in the hallway.  If there isn’t an available spot, children may have to return to class/outside. Remind your child to use the washroom only when necessary and not fool around while there, to allow others access. 


There are no hot lunch services being offered at this time.  Students should be coming to school in the morning with their lunch, snacks and water bottle for the day.  We are strongly encouraging that parents avoid dropping lunches off at school. Please make every effort to pack a lunch daily. 

Hand Hygiene

Please help your child to understand the importance of regular hand hygiene. Children will be required to use school-provided hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day – upon entry to the classroom after being outside, before and after eating, etc.  Should you wish your child to carry their own hand sanitizer, it must contain at least 60% alcohol and be scent-free.  It can be used in addition to the required school-provided sanitizer. 

Student Belongings

To maximize spacing in the classrooms, families are reminded to pack only essential items for students to bring to school in their backpacks. We will not be using lockers and/or hooks in the back of the classroom this year. All student belongings will be placed at their desk/chair for the day to minimize cross-contamination.

  • Teacher’s will communicate class specific items during the first few days back

We encourage you to work with your child(ren) on putting on their own shoes (Velcro vs laces), coats, zippers, opening their own lunch containers, etc.

Water Bottles

Students and staff will be able to bring reusable water bottles and refill them at designated refill stations in our school. For the health and safety of our students and school community, the use of water fountains for drinking will not be permitted.  

Water Fountains and Reusable Water Bottles

  • Each student is required to bring their own drinking bottle to school that is labeled, kept with them during the day, and not shared with other students.  
  • All water fountains will be wrapped and/or made inoperable.  
  • Although bottle filling stations will be in use, students and staff are not advised to touch any filling station apparatus.  

Medical Conditions

We are currently in the process of updating our records for children with medical conditions. We are asking that you complete the parent package for each of your child(ren)’s conditions. 

Electronic copies of the consent form(s) including Student Plan of Care are available for you to complete by clicking on the links below.

**Note: If your child’s Student Plan of Care has not changed from last year, we need you only to return the pages of the parent package that require a date and your signature.  We will continue to use last year’s information.  




Heart Condition


There are 2 ways you can submit this information (and epi pens/medications) to the school:

  • Return a signed printed copy on your child’s first day of school (go to the medical tables upon arrival set up outside in the backyard of the school – please bring a mask) OR
  • Return a signed digital copy to

Epi Pens – As per Board Protocol:

  1. 1 Epi Pen is carried on your child’s person
  2. 1 Emergency Epi Pen is to be kept in the Office (to be dropped off at the medical table along with documentation)

New! Seasonal Allergies

**We are aware that Allerject is now available in Canada, and if this your choice of anaphylaxis auto injectors please indicate this on the Student Plan of Care.

As per previous communications, this year, we are strongly suggesting that parents provide a doctor’s note and complete a Student Plan of Care  ‘Other Medical Condition’ to indicate that your child suffers from seasonal allergies.  This is because these symptoms closely resemble those of COVID-19.  Please email for next steps.  We continue to follow the ever-evolving direction from Public Health around responding to COVID-19 symptoms.

School Communication

We will provide a Weekly Update, which will be posted to the school website and the link will be emailed each Sunday. The website will be updated frequently, including the Announcements page, where we will share school community news.

Students will record information in their personal agendas to help them stay organized but please note, staff will not be recording communication to parents in the paper agenda for health reasons. If you have a question or concern please direct it to your child’s teacher by calling the school to leave a message, or sending them an email, and staff will respond by phone or offer a virtual meeting as needed. Staff emails are on the school website under Contacts (please note that some grade assignments have changed*).

Student Insurance

The Halton Catholic District School Board does not provide accident insurance coverage for student injuries that occur on school premises or during school activities. Since accidents can happen, and some injuries result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or employer group plans, as a parent, you may wish to consider purchasing student accident insurance. Student accident insurance can provide you with financial peace of mind against the possible expenses that can be incurred if a child is injured at school.

The Board makes an Accident and Life Insurance Program for students exclusively through Old Republic/Reliable Life Insurance Company available on a yearly basis. Participation is voluntary and the costs for the program are paid by the parent or guardian. The program offers a variety of plans and benefits, which can be tailored to suit your needs. The coverage provided by the policy is comprehensive and reasonably priced.

The insurance agreement is between the parent/guardian and the insurance company. If you wish to subscribe or for more information, please visit: or call 1-800-463-KIDS (5437).

Student Insurance

Elementary Vice-PrincipalWelcome to the 2020-2021 School Year