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Weekly Update April 5-12th

Guardian Angels Families,

The staff has been working hard to support our school community with distance learning. At this point, every family/child should have been contacted by the classroom teacher and informed of a distance learning platform. If this has not yet occurred for your family, please check your email (junk file), phone messages, Remind App, etc. We want to ensure we have connected with all our families. If you have not received any communication from us, we respectfully request that you locate your child’s teacher’s email on our school website (under the Contact tab – staff directory) and email the teacher so they can share valuable information with you.

On behalf of all our staff at Guardian Angels CES, we wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter! In these tumultuous times especially, may you and your families find comfort and hope in better days to come! May God be with you all this Easter weekend and always! 


Mr. C. Hawken, Mrs. S. Sofia Starr, Mrs. K. Stephens

School Cash Online

Presently, Board Staff are working together with our Office Staff to provide refunds for trips and pizza orders. Please stay tuned for more details regarding this. We thank you once again for your patience, as this process will take some time to complete.  

Distance Learning

Distance Learning started Monday, April 6, and we are all navigating this current reality together. Your patience, support, and flexibility are sincerely appreciated. Continue to take this time as a family to explore new activities, ideas, tips and challenges with an open mind and open heart. This new phase has teachers using digital platforms to deliver curriculum content, have students submit work and give feedback regarding students’ attainment of expectations. This work is not optional, and students will be expected to log on daily to complete assigned work. For your reference again, please note the following guidelines regarding the amount of work and subjects:

  • K-3 students will have an average of 5 hours of work to complete a week. The work will highlight numeracy and literacy expectations but will weave other subjects, including religion, into the focuses.
  • Grade 4-6 students will have an average of 5 hours of work to complete a week. The work will highlight numeracy, literacy, science and social studies expectations but will weave other subjects, including religion, into the focuses.
  • Grade 7-8 students will have an average of 10 hours of work to complete a week. The work will highlight numeracy, literacy, science, history and geography expectations but will weave other subjects, including religion, into the focuses.

Please continue to have your child(ren) complete the assigned work, then submit the work to teachers. Teachers will provide feedback. There will be no grades provided on work. The focus for this time period will be feedback only. We will be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available from the Ministry.

Logging in Multiple Children on D2L

In households where multiple children need to log on D2L on a shared device, there are options that will allow two or more students to be logged in to their class portals at the same time. This will help reduce the number of sign-ins needed and make accessing D2L classes easier and faster for students. For detailed instructions, visit the HCDSB Learn at Home website and access the following page:

Journey Together Through Holy Week

This week is Holy Week, a most sacred time of year. We commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. The season of Lent, the season of sacrifice and self-denial is about to come to an end.

It began with Palm Sunday (April 5th). On Palm Sunday, we remembered Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, which occurred several days before his death. The people of Jerusalem spread palm branches on the road to welcome Jesus as he rode into the city. During this liturgy, palms are distributed to the community and blessed. It continues with the reading of the Passion – the story of Jesus’ suffering and death.

It continues with the Triduum, which is the three day period marking Jesus’ death and burial. It begins today, Holy Thursday and concludes as the Easter season begins.

Today,  Holy Thursday (April 9th), we re-enact the Last Supper, the meal Jesus shared with His apostles on the night he was betrayed and arrested. At the Mass on this day, the priest washes the feet of twelve people, just as Jesus did. We also celebrate the institution of the Eucharist, a central sacrament of the Catholic faith.

Tomorrow, we observe Good Friday (April 10th), as the day Jesus was crucified and died. It is the most serious and somber day on the Christian calendar. A service is held at three o’clock, the hour he died. It is the only day of the year that we do not celebrate Mass. The communion we receive at this liturgy was consecrated the night before. We also venerate the cross, showing honour and respect for the sacrifice Jesus made for our sake. Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence from meat for Catholics.

Holy Saturday, (April 11th) is a vigil. It takes place after sundown. We keep watch for the expectant rising of our Saviour. It is the most beautiful liturgy of the entire Church year. It begins in darkness then involves a lighting and blessing of the new fire. The Easter candle is lit and carried into the church, where it is used to light candles held by the members of the community. The Liturgy of the Word leads us to reflect on the entire story of our faith. On this night, people who have been preparing for months are received through Baptism and Confirmation into the Catholic Church.

This brings us to Easter Sunday (April 12th)the most important Christian holiday, surpassing even Christmas. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the risen Christ. In the words of Pope Francis, “Christ is alive! He is our hope and in a wonderful way, He brings youth to our world. He is alive and He wants you to be alive! He is in you, He is with you and He never abandons you. He will always be there to restore your strength and hope. May we let ourselves be renewed by Him!”

We invite you to view the link for the Story of Easter at


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