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Christian Meditation Begins with Advent

Beginning the month of December in conjunction with the start of Advent, Guardian Angels has introduced Christian Meditation, a form of prayer, as a whole school on Wednesdays beginning at 12:35.  Christian Meditation is a practice that is used worldwide by Christians to strengthen their relationship with God by “becoming present to God and entering prayer of the heart.” It is an acknowledgement that the spirit dwells within us and that we need to be quiet and still to listen to the spirit.

During this practice, students sit quietly with their eyes closed either in their seats or on their classroom carpet.  They breathe deeply thinking the word Mar-a-na-tha which means “Come Lord Jesus”.  This is done for a short period of time (1 min.) and is gradually lengthened over time, as students become more familiar with this prayer ritual.

The benefits of Christian Meditation include:

  • Improvements in the ability to single-focus attention
  • Increased self-knowledge, self-acceptance and belonging
  • Increased desire to build community
  • Increased sense of well-being and motivation
  • Decreased stress levels

Mrs. Stephens would like to acknowledge the following students for their help in introducing our school community with this practice:   Riley S, Ronan F, and Joshua F.  Thank you for your time and dedication to this important faith based initiative!

Christian Meditation will continue on Wednesday afternoons, after lunch recess, throughout the rest of the school year.

Elementary Vice-PrincipalChristian Meditation Begins with Advent