Canadian Martyrs CES offers a number of extra-curricular activities throughout the school year.  These activities can vary from year to year and are based upon student interest and staff availability. The following our some of the wonderful activities & experiences that students are offered to enhance and enrich their education. Please encourage your child to listen carefully to the morning announcements to find out when & where these activities will be occurring.

Cross Country gr. 4-8 (September – October)

Choir  gr. 3-8 ( September-June)

Guitar Club and Band  gr. 7 & 8 (September-June)

Battle of the Books gr. 3-8 (November- April)

Intermediate Boys & Girls Volleyball (September-November)

Intermediate Boys & Girls Basketball Teams (January-March)

Chess Club  gr. 4-8 (January -April)

Colouring Club for girls in gr. 5 & 6 (Winter December -March)

Kindness Club gr. 1-8 (September-June)

Eco-Club for gr. 4-8 (September-June)

Mission Club for gr. 7 (September-June)

Writing Club gr. 5-8 (September-June)

Glee Club for gr. 7 & 8 (January-June)

Grove Club for gr. 1-3 ( Winter -Spring)

Art Club for gr.4-8 (November- December)

Club Francais gr. 4-8 (Throughout the School Year)

Carnival K- Gr.8 (February)

Play Day K-Gr.8 (June)

Joy Day K- Gr.8 (December)

Christmas Concerts K- Gr. 8 (December)

Public Speaking (February-March)

Floor Hockey Gr. 4-5 (January)

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition  gr. 4-8 ( January-February)

Trivia Club gr. 4-8 (Throughout the School Year)

Talent Show gr.1-8 ( June)


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