Weekly Update

Weekly Update: October 26th

“Always be ready to inspire hope”  Pope Francis Thank you: A very special THANK YOU to all of those parents who have participated in our School’s Fundraiser~ thank you for your generosity! Thank you to all of our parents for “packing your patience” on rainy days! We would kindly ask those parents who are dropping

Weekly Update: October 19th

“When we listen to the Word of God, we obtain the courage and perseverance to offer the best of ourselves to others.”  Pope Francis Good-Bye: Please join me in saying good bye to Mrs. Hajas, from our Rm 5 Kindergarten Team. Mrs. Hajas is moving to Hungary with her husband. We wish her well and

Weekly Updater: October 12th

“The Word of God fills us with joy and this joy is our strength.”  Pope Francis Congratulations: Congratulations to our Gr. 3 Students who received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion on Saturday, October 10th. Our remaining Gr. 3 students will receive this Sacrament on Saturday, October 17th & Saturday, November 7th~ Please keep them

Weekly Update: October 5th

“We ask for the grace to listen to one another, in order to discern together what the Lord is asking of His Church”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to our students & staff for your participation in “Orange Shirt Day” & for demonstrating your understanding that “EVERY Child Matters”! Thank you Ms. Bell, our

Weekly Update: September 28th

“Hope is the virtue of a heart that does not close itself in darkness or remain locked in the past, but looks towards the future.”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to ALL of our students and staff for your participation in our 1st Spirit Day ~ the school was a sea of RED, BLACK

Weekly Update: September 21st

“When I am merciful, I am a true child of the Father, because the Father is merciful”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to our entire community for another GREAT WEEK! We had a fabulous week with all of our students back in the school! Thank you parents for all of your support in ensuring

Weekly Update: September 14th

“I encourage you to entrust yourselves to the Lord, who is the only one who helps & inspires us to contribute to reconciliation & peace”  Pope Francis Thank you: A BIG shout out to our community~ what INCREDIBLE TEAM work! Thank you to our students for your smiles, laughter and excitement as we begin a

Welcome Back ~ Weekly Update: September 6th

“The love of Christ, welcomed with an open heart, changes us, transforms us, and makes us able to love.”  Pope Francis Welcome: A very special welcome to our new families that are joining our school community! Please join in me in welcoming the following new staff; Ms. Galley in Gr. 3, as Ms. Macdonald is

Weekly Update: June 26th

“Let us ask our Lord to help us understand that love is service, love means taking care of others” Pope Francis Friday, June 26th marks the last day of this academic year!  What a year it has been!  Certainly, one to put in our memory books!  Thank you all for a wonderful year at Canadian Martyrs Catholic

Weekly Update: June 19th

“Praying together, walking together, working together: this is the way that leads to Christian Unity” Pope Francis A very special Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!!! We are so incredibly proud of your accomplishments, your perseverance and your resilience! God Bless you ALL! Please join me in Congratulating Mrs. Kattis, our Primary Team Member Teacher