Weekly Update

Weekly Update: May 22nd

“Love of God and love of neighbour should be the two cornerstones of our lives.” Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you for your continued patience as we work together with Board Personal & Public Health to devise a plan in which access to the building will be permitted to retrieve student belongings. Please continue to

Weekly Update: May 15th

“The Family is the hope of the future. Let us pray especially for families facing serious difficulties: may our Lord assist them.” Pope Francis Happy Nurses’ Week to ALL of our Canadian Martyrs Nurses! We honor you for ALL of your support & sacrifices! Thank you: Thank you to our Catholic School Council for participating

Weekly Update: May 8th

“Like a good mother, Mother Mary is close to us, so that we may never lose courage before the adversities of life” Pope Francis Wishing ALL of our AMAZING Canadian Martyrs’ Moms a Very Special Mother’s Day!!! Congratulations: Please join us in congratulating Nicole F in Gr. 8, who is this year’s recipient of the

Weekly Update: May 1st

“The Lord seeks everyone, He wants everyone to feel the warmth of His mercy & His love” Pope Francis Welcome: Please join me in welcoming all of our new & returning Kindergarten Families. Please find the following link on our school website to the Kindergarten Orientation PowerPoint Video to help prepare you for September; https://elem.hcdsb.org/canadianmartyrs/2020/04/kindergarten-orientation/

Weekly Update: April 24th

“Mercy opens the doors of the heart because it makes us feel like we are all children of one Father.”  Pope Francis Thank you: A very special thank you to our students & parents who organized the beautiful video message to our staff posted on twitter…it speaks volumes of what a special community we are

Weekly Update: February 24th

“Only those able to acknowledge their mistakes and ask pardon receive understanding and forgiveness from others.”  Pope Francis Congratulations: Congratulations to our Gr. 7 students on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, February 22nd. Thank you to the St. Paul the Apostle Parish Team and to Mrs. Ciarloni, Ms. Dobson and Ms. Makariak for

Weekly Update: February 17th

“When we confess our sins with humility and sincerity, we receive forgiveness & are reunited with God and our brothers & sisters.” Pope Francis Congratulations: A special congratulations to the following students for being “Self-Directed, Responsible, Lifelong Learners”; Sophie Q., Hudson G., Olivia P.  & Sari N Thank you: Thank you to our wonderful parent

Weekly Update: February 10th

“Real Love is about LOVING and LETTING yourself be LOVED” Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to our fabulous Catholic School Council & Parent Volunteers for your support with the Gr. 8 Krispy Kreme Fundraiser! Thank you to Ms. Dobson for organizing our upcoming School Liturgy on Thursday, February 13th @ 11:15am in our school

Weekly Update: February 3rd

“The secret to navigating life well is to invite Jesus on board. The helm of life should be given to Him, so that He can direct the route.” Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you parents for sending your children ready to play outside and enjoy the winter weather! Thank you to our students & staff

Weekly Update: January 27th

“Saying ‘yes’ to God’s love is the first step to being happy, and to making many other people happy.” Pope Francis Congratulations: Congratulations to all the students at Canadian Martyrs school who participated in the January Caribou Math competition! Please join me in congratulating the following students for their impressive efforts and achievements in Grades