Elementary Principal


Elementary Principal

Parish Update: April 24th

Dear Friends, I greet you warmly (despite the frigid temperatures) on this Thursday of the Second Week of Easter.  The word “Quarantine” comes from the Latin for 40.  Depending on your native tongue, the word for Lent may have some similar derivative, relating to the 40 days of the Lenten season.  Last evening at the

Weekly Update: April 24th

“Mercy opens the doors of the heart because it makes us feel like we are all children of one Father.”  Pope Francis Thank you: A very special thank you to our students & parents who organized the beautiful video message to our staff posted on twitter…it speaks volumes of what a special community we are

Weekly Update: April 17th

“Let us go forward with the joy of Jesus’ Resurrection, knowing He is always by our side!”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to our many families who have Front Line Worker’s, who courageously put themselves at risk to provide us with essential services ~ We are forever grateful for you! Please join us in

Weekly Update : April 9th

“In the Eucharist you really meet Jesus, share His life, feel His love; there you experience that His Death & Resurrection are for you.”  Pope Francis Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy. Stay safe at home. Have a blessed Easter! The great gift of

Weekly Update: April 3rd

“May the Lord always give us hope for the future and the strength to keep going.”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to our students and their families for your patience, understanding & support as we work from a distance to support you! Thank you to our AWESOME staff for your dedication to our students

Weekly Update: March 13th

“Nobody can be discarded because we are all vulnerable. Each one of us is a treasure whom God allows to grow in his or her own way.”  Pope Francis Thank you: Thank you to Halton Women’s Place for teaching our Gr. 5 students about how to make and maintain “Healthy Friendships”! Thank you to all

Weekly Update: March 9th

“Through prayer we can enter into a stable relationship with God, the source of true joy.”  Pope Francis Welcome: Please join me in welcoming our new office assistant, Mrs. Philips, I know you will make her feel right at home! Thank you: Thank you to Mrs. Ferreira and our wonderful student helpers for organizing our

Weekly Update: March 2nd

“We can support one another & face every kind of challenge with courage & hope, when we draw our strength from Jesus.”  Pope Francis Congratulations: A very special congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement in the Caribou Math Contest; Thomas A (top Gr. 7/8 student), Brayden D & Emma A. ( tied