About Our School

Canadian Martyrs Catholic School is a Junior Kindergarten through Grade Eight elementary school within the Halton Catholic District School Board. Our current enrolment is approximately 380 students. The school was built in 1975 and was completely renovated in 1993.  The Intermediate students have an instrumental music program and an opportunity to participate in a number of sports teams and clubs.  We also host the congregated Gifted classes for the city of Burlington.

Canadian Martyrs Catholic School is named after the eight Jesuit martyrs who died between September 29, 1642, and December 9, 1649, in Huronia. They came to bring the Christian faith to the native people. Their feast day is September 26.

  • St. Rene Goupil studied surgery and was assigned to the Jesuit mission in Huronia. On September 29, 1642, an Iroquois killed him for making the sign of the cross over a child.
  • St. Isaac Jogues was ordained in 1636 and was assigned to the Huron missions. He was captured and killed by a Mohawk war party on October 19, 1646, along with St. Jean de la Lande who was a lay assistant working with Father Jogues.
  • St. Antoine Daniel became a Jesuit novice at age 20. On July 4, 1648, he was killed by the Iroquois after celebrating Mass at the mission of St. Joseph.
  • St. Jean de Brebeuf could speak the native language and often taught religion to the young children. On March 16, 1649, Father Brebeuf suffered torture for three hours before the Iroquois killed him.
  • St. Gabriel Lalemant was with Father Brebeuf when he was captured and tortured. He died the following morning on March 16, 1649.
  • St. Charles Garnier joined the Society of Jesus at age 19. During an Iroquois attack on the St. Jean mission in 1649, he was killed.
  • St. Noel Chabanel entered the novitiate in 1630. After serving with Father Garnier at the St. Jean mission, he was on his way to Ste-Marie when he was killed by an apostate Huron on December 8, 1649.
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