School Generated Funds

What are School Generated Funds?

School generated funds (SGFs) are funds that are received, raised or collected in the name of our school or a school activity. Many of these funds are raised through the direct involvement of the Catholic School Council and our parent community.

Annual Fundraising Plan

Each year, we prepare an Annual Fundraising Plan that outlines how and when we plan to raise funds in our school community, how we plan on using the funds raised, and the projected fundraising amounts and costs.

School Generated Fund Reports

In accordance with our Board procedure, the Principal provides a report on School Generated Funds to the Catholic School Council a minimum of three times each school year. These SGF reports are posted on our school website at the end of November, February and May.

The following is the list of SGF Reports and Annual Fundraising Plans for our school:

Canadian Martyrs SGF Plan 2021-2022

SGF Report November 30, 2021

SGF Report June 2021

SGF Report February, 2021

SGF Report November 2020 Canadian Martyrs

Annual SGF Plan November 30 2020 Canadian Martyrs

SGF Report May 2020

SGF Report February 2020

SGF Report November 2019

Annual SGF Plan 2019 2020

School Generated Funds Report May 2019

SGF Report May 2018

SGF Report February 2018

SGF Report ELEMENTARY Nov. 2017

School Generated Funds Plan 2017-18


SGF Report ELEMENTARY Nov. 2017 SGF Report ELEMENTARY Nov. 2017

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