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Weekly Update: January 10th

“If we have no peace in our hearts, how can we think there will be peace in our world? Let’s try to remain in the Lord, & the way to do so is to love, & to love in little things.”

 Pope Francis


Please join me in welcoming our NEW School Secretary, Ms. Donaldson ~ she is FABULOUS! I can’t wait for everyone to meet her~ I know you will all make her feel right at home.

Thank you:

Thank you to our ALL of our families for being so incredibly positive, supportive & hopeful! ~Together we will get through this… AGAIN!

Thank you to our students for your resilience and adaptability in changing to remote learning- you are ALL “ROCK STARS!

Thank you to our parents for your support, patience and smiles as you juggle supporting your child(ren) at home and your own work~ you are AMAZING!

Thank you to our ALL of our staff for your efforts, time & energy in supporting our students and their families!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Spence-Smith & Ms. Donaldson for all of their support & time in organizing our Tech Distribution!

Thank you to our Amazing EA Team and Staff who came into the building to hand out technology! It was a tremendous support in helping our students be ready for the 1st day of online instruction!

Gentle Reminders:

School Technology

This is a gentle reminder to please take special care of devices that went home to support our students during remote learning. Please know that this equipment is instrumental in supporting all of our students during in person learning and we need to ensure that our students will be able to successfully utilize this equipment upon their return to in person school.  Thank you for your attention & support with this!

Please note, if your child has a HP Blue Stream, we will be able to exchange it for a chrome book if you would prefer. If you are interested in doing so, please contact both & to make arrangements.

Safe Arrival

Please note, if your child is experiencing Technical Difficulties and can not log in to class on time, please email our school secretary and your child will not be marked absent or late.

UPDATED COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Government of Ontario daily self-screening tool can be accessed here, UPDATED as of Thursday, January 6th :

Requesting a Change in Learning Environments:

The Return to School Plan 2021-2022 indicated only one opportunity to request a change to the learning environment for elementary students (i.e. virtual learning to in-person learning or vice versa). The original timelines would have seen the requested changes come into effect as of Tuesday, February 22, 2022, and would have remained in effect until the end of the school year (June 2022).

PLEASE NOTE: Any requested changes will come into effect on January 24, 2022, however, if the Ministry of Education extends the remote learning period, the requested changes will come into effect once schools re-open for in-class instruction.

Given the Province’s temporary move to Step 2 of the Roadmap to Reopening in order to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, we have revised our plan to provide greater flexibility for families. We will now offer two (2) opportunities for families to request a change to learning environment for elementary students.

  1. The first opportunity to request a change in learning environment for elementary students is now available. The online request form will be open from Wednesday, January 5th until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 14th

The requested changes will come into effect on Monday, January 24, 2022, or once schools re-open for in-class instruction if the period of remote learning is extended.  


  • If schools resume in-person instruction on January 17th, families who wish to keep their children home until the switch occurs on January 24th will be able to access asynchronous resources for their children through their current class on the D2L platform during the week of January 17-21.  
    • Parents/guardians requesting a change for their children to the virtual elementary school (St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Elementary Virtual School) will be asked to choose whether they want to keep their children enrolled in virtual learning until the final change in Learning Environment opportunity after Easter OR until the end of the school year. 
  • The final opportunity to request a change in learning environment for elementary students will be released after March BreakThe requested changes will come into effect after Easter on Tuesday, April 19th.

If you wish to change your child’s learning environment by switching from in-class instruction to the virtual school, or vice versa, please complete the online request form below. Please complete this form ONLY if you would like to make a change to the learning environment that your child was in prior to the Christmas break. If you want your child to remain in the same learning format they were in before the break, no further action is required.

Important notes before you complete the online form:

  • Please submit a separate form for each child.
  • You will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to submit this request. The OEN can be found on a recent report card.
  • This online request form applies to elementary students ONLY. Requests for changes in the learning environment at the secondary school level should be sent directly to your child’s secondary school.


This online form will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 14, 2022.

Please direct any technical questions regarding this form to:

Next Steps
Once the online form has closed, our staff will begin to work through the rescheduling process.

  • Parents and guardians will receive confirmation of the changes to their children’s learning environment by Wednesday, January 19th.
  • The changes to your child’s learning environment will come into effect as of Monday, January 24, 2022, or once in-school instruction resumes, if it extends beyond January 24th
  • If in-class instruction resumes on January 17th, your child’s current placement (in-class or virtual) will continue to be in place for the week of January 17-21. Asynchronous instruction will be posted for students, should parents/guardians decide to keep their children home while awaiting the switch to the virtual school.

About the HCDSB Virtual Elementary School – St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Elementary School

Kindergarten Registration:

Please see the following link regarding Kindergarten Registration for the Fall of 2022:

Health and Physical Education Parent/Guardian Remote Learning Information and Checklist: Please check out the checklist for Health and Physical education for your children before and while they participate virtually. This checklist is also posted on the class platform.

Pizza Day

Please note, if you ordered Pizza for your child we will be extending the Term 1 Order to make up for any missed days. Pizza Orders will resume once our students have returned to in person learning.

Coming Soon ~ Student Census 2022

In February 2022, HCDSB will be collecting identity-based student data through a board-wide Student Census. This census will help our school board better understand and support our students and their experiences in school and will help promote equitable and inclusive learning environments.

NOTE: Parents of students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 will be invited to complete the online survey on behalf of their child. For more information about the Student Census, please visit the HCDSB website:

Promoting Well-Being: How to support your child’s mental health through the pandemic

During these changing and challenging times, you may be worried about your child or teen’s mental health and well-being, especially as the pandemic persists over time. Many children and youth have struggled to adjust to all of the changes that have happened over the past many months as a result of COVID-19.  So, you may notice that from time to time your child or teen may seem worried, sad, lonely, or unsettled. They may be confused or angry that usual activities continue to be disrupted or they may be disappointed to miss something that they were looking forward to for a long time.  Many students are concerned that they have missed important schoolwork and feel nervous about what will happen this school year.  All of these feelings are to be expected at this uncertain time.  

And we know that some students and families/caregivers have experienced significant hardship and loss throughout the pandemic.  Perhaps your child or teen has had more to carry than others, and you wonder if they are okay.

How can you help your child or teen to maintain good mental health as the pandemic evolves?  How will you know if your child or teen is experiencing a mental health problem that requires more support?  Select this link for answers –


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Looking Ahead:

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