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Weekly Update: September 20th

“Hope is the virtue of a heart that does not close itself in darkness or remain locked in the past, but looks towards the future.”

 Pope Francis

Thank you:

Thank you to all of our students & parents in Gr.1-3 for your patience & understanding during our reorganization. Please know how much we appreciate your support & trust in ensuring that your child is placed in an optimal learning environment.

Thank you to Ms. Clasen for your contributions to our community, especially in the first two weeks with our Gr. 2/3 class. We wish you well on your next teaching placement and hope that our paths will cross again!

Thank you to our entire community for another FABULOUS WEEK!

Thank you parents for all of your support in ensuring that your child is wearing their mask when they enter the school yard each morning!

Thank you to our students for following our protocols both inside and outside the building ~ you have been doing an AWESOME JOB!

Thank you to our AMAZING staff for thinking outside the box to ensure our students have a great sense of community & belonging!  

Gentle Reminders:

Daily Self Screening:

All staff and students must self-screen every day before attending school. The province will continue to provide a screening tool for use by all school boards and may update this throughout the school year. All staff and students who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as identified in the screening tool, must not attend school and should follow the guidance provided in the screening tool, which may include seeking appropriate medical attention as required, and/or getting tested for COVID-19.

If a Child experiences symptoms at school:

Please be advised, under the Direction of Public Health, if your child and/or an individual living in your household has acknowledged that they are experiencing at least one (1) COVID-19 symptom:

  • Fever and/or chills
    Temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius/100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

  • Cough or barking cough (croup)
    Continuous, more than usual, making a whistling noise when breathing (not related to asthma, post-infectious reactive airways, or other known causes or conditions you already have)
  • Shortness of breath
    Out of breath, unable to breathe deeply (not related to asthma or other known causes or conditions you already have)

  • Decrease or loss of taste or smell
    Not related to seasonal allergies, neurological disorders, or other known causes or conditions you already have

  • Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea
    Not related to irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, menstrual cramps, or other known causes or conditions you already have

What should you do next?

Seek medical advice for your child, and have your child tested for COVID-19 as appropriate or advised by your health care provider.

Your child must stay home and not leave except to get tested or for a medical emergency.

Siblings or other people in the home who are fully vaccinated do not need to isolate and can leave the home.

Siblings or other people in the home who are not fully vaccinated must stay home until your child:  

  • tests negative for COVID-19; OR
  • are cleared by your local public health unit; OR
  • are diagnosed with another illness.

When can your child(ren) return to school?

If your child gets tested for COVID-19 and tests NEGATIVE:

Your child can return to school/childcare when ALL the following apply:

  • they do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since the symptoms started improving (or 48 hours if they have had nausea/vomiting/diarrhea)
  • they were not in close physical contact with someone who currently has COVID-19
  • If your child gets tested for COVID-19 and tests POSITIVE:
  • Your child can return to school/childcare only when cleared by Halton Region Public Health.

If your child does not get tested for COVID-19:

Your child must isolate for 10 days. They may be able to return earlier if ALL the following apply:

  • a doctor diagnosed them with another illness
  • they do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since their symptoms started improving (or 48 hours if they had nausea/vomiting/diarrhea)

If you do not seek medical advice:

Your child must isolate for 10 days. They may be able to return earlier if ALL the following apply:

  • they do not have a fever (without using medication)
  • it has been at least 24 hours since their symptoms started improving (or 48 hours if they had nausea/vomiting/diarrhea)

Parent Consent Forms

Beginning this year, we will be collecting this information electronically, and are asking parents/guardians to complete the form online.

Complete the Family Information/Consent Electronic Form!

Parents are asked to complete the form, which may be accessed HERE. The form should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Please be advised we are now kindly requesting that parents complete the electronic consent form for each child, to allow all information to be uploaded correctly.

Important Notes Before Completing the Form:

If you have more than one child enrolled in an HCDSB school, please complete a separate form for each child.

Only one parent/guardian is required to complete a form for each child.

You will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) to submit this form. The OEN can be found on a recent report card.

Please ensure you are submitting your child’s preferred name or the name you provided at registration.

The form can be completed using a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Information Access and Protection of Privacy
The Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is committed to protecting the right to privacy for students, staff, and families. Personal information is collected under the authority of the Education Act and in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). For more information, visit our HCDSB website.

Technical Issues
If you experience a problem submitting a form, please use a different browser or different device. If you have tried a different browser and device and are still experiencing issues, please send an email to

SAVE the DATE: Virtual Celebration of Learning (Curriculum Night)

We kindly request that you save the following date for our Celebration of Learning/Curriculum Night, which will be held on Wednesday, September 29th between the hours of 6:30-7:30pm.

Please note, this event will be held virtually as directed by Public Health. Parents will have an opportunity to view a presentation from their child’s teacher, followed by a Q & A format.

6:30-6:40pm   Principal’s Address

6:45- 7:05pm  Session #1 10 min Presentation / 10 min Q & A

7 :10-7 :30pm  Session #2 10 min Presentation / 10 min Q & A

Catholic School Council Nominations- PLEASE SEE THE REVISED DATES & INFORMATION

Role of Catholic School Council:  Ontario Regulation 612 states that every school must hold elections for the School Council within the first 30 days of each school year. The term of office is one year.  We want to encourage every parent to consider volunteering to sit on the Catholic School Council this year.  The school needs active and interested parents to maintain the quality of the school community we enjoy and to address the challenges the community will face in the future. Please email and a link to an electronic form will be emailed to you for you to complete.

If Elections are required, then the names of candidates and a one-page information biography sheet, if available, will be posted on our school website. This year, if required, elections for our 2021/2022 Catholic School Council will take place in September according to the following REVISED timelines:

Nomination Forms Due: Friday September 24th

Profiles Due (if required): Tuesday September 28th

Council Elections (if needed): Thursday September 30th

First Council Meeting:  Monday October 4th at 6:30 pm

Meetings will be held “virtually” (using Teams). Dates & times will be posted on our school web page.  All parents are welcome to attend regular Council meetings.  Meeting dates will be posted on our school web page.  The meetings will begin at 6:30 pm, virtually via Teams.

Family Paint Night in Recognition of Orange Shirt Day

HCDSB families, students and staff are invited to participate in a virtual family paint night in recognition of Orange Shirt Day.

The online session will be hosted by Indigenous Artist, Moses Lunham, who will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create the painting at home. No prior artistic experience is necessary to get involved. However, those interested in participating can prepare for the art session by collecting the following art supplies.

Save the Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021   6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

A link to the live event will be available on the scheduled time and day of the presentation on the Grandmother’s Voice YouTube Channel.

For more information, visit the HCDSB website.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Saevil, Indigenous Education Advisor at:

School-based Immunization Program Gr. 7-12,  2021-2022

The Ministry of Health has provided a school-based immunization program for students (Gr. 7-12) that is delivered by the local health departments. Due to pandemic-related disruptions, students have missed the opportunity to receive these vaccines over the past two school years.

Halton Region Public Health will be offering theschool-based vaccines by appointment to eligible students in Grades 7-12 (born in 2004-2009) at community clinics throughout Halton. There will also be appointments available for students born in 2002-2003 to catch-up on vaccines that they may have missed.

The following vaccines will be offered at community clinics:

  •       Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  •       Meningococcal Disease
  •       Hepatitis B

Please note: COVID-19 vaccines are separate from the School-Based Immunization Program.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, or learn more about clinic eligibility, locations, and schedules, visit Halton’s Grade 7 School-based Immunizations web page or call 311. 

 Please bring any immunization records you may have for your child to the appointment, where Public Health staff will fully assess their vaccination history and obtain consent.

Important Letter to Parents from Bishop Crosby – HPV Vaccination
Attached to this correspondence is a letter to parents from His Excellency Douglas Crosby, Bishop of the Hamilton Diocese, in regard to the HPV vaccination. Please take a moment to read Bishop Crosby’s letter and carefully review all of the information available to assist you in your determination as to whether or not you wish your child to participate in the voluntary HPV vaccination program.

Additional Information

For more information about the school-based immunization program, you may contact the Halton Regional Health Department by calling 311, or visit their website at:

St. Paul the Apostle Parish Update:

Make Up Dates for Cancelled 2020-21 Sacraments

As you may recall the sacramental celebrations for the 2020-21 school year ended up being cancelled due to lockdowns. The parish has rescheduled these events. Parents who had children registered for those sacraments in that school year should have received emails from me about these make up dates, and in turn booked their children online for one of our planned celebrations. This is ONLY for those who were in grade 2 or grade 7 last year and whose celebration was cancelled.

The make up dates are:

First Communion:                                                       Confirmation:

Saturday September 11 (1pm, 3pm)                             Friday October 15 (7pm)

Saturday September 18 (11am,1pm,3pm)                    Saturday October 16 (11am,1pm,3pm)

Saturday September 25 (11am,1pm,3pm)                    Thursday October 21 (7pm)

                                                                                    Saturday October 23 (11am,1pm,3pm)

Sacraments for 2021-22 School Year

The pastoral team is working to develop a full plan for sacramental preparation for the current 2021-22 school year. This plan will include sacramental registration, in class and/or virtual visits by the pastoral team, in person or virtual parent meetings, sacramental retreats (if possible) and sacramental celebrations.

We do not anticipate launching the full plan until the beginning of October.  We ask parents of students in Grades 2 and 7 to be patient as we devise a plan that will meet the needs of our large group of students in our community.

It is our intent to conduct in-service sessions with all sacramental teachers at some point prior to the launch to include the staff as much as possible, ensure a positive and consistent line of communication and to provide teaching staff with all the necessary information and guidance needed to make the preparation a positive and fruitful faith experience for all students.

If anyone has questions regarding the make up celebrations or the planning for the current school year, please contact:

Arden Ouellette

Lay Parish Minister, St. Paul the Apostle Parish, 905-332-5115

Promoting Well Being: Resilience

By SickKids staff

Resilience is a learned skill. Resilient children are able to cope with stress, particularly after a traumatic life event.

Key points

  • Resilience is the ability to cope with, and adapt to, stress brought on by a difficult life event.
  • Some children develop resilience through natural process, while others require assistance.
  • Factors that influence the development of resilience in children include general health and well-being, temperament, and parenting styles and behaviours.
  • Parents and caregivers play a key role in the development and nurturing of resilience in children.

Learn more by clicking the following link:

Resilience (


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Looking Ahead:

Picture Day- Postponed
Sep 24 all day
Make Up Date First Communion
Sep 25 all day
Celebration Of Learning/ Curriculum Night 6:30-7:30pm
Sep 29 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Catholic School Council Meeting #1
Oct 4 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Thanksgiving Monday- No School
Oct 11 all day
Make Up Date Confirmation
Oct 15 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Make Up Confirmation 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Oct 16 all day
Make Up Confirmation 7pm
Oct 21 @ 3:18 pm – 4:18 pm
Make Up Confirmation 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Oct 23 @ 3:18 pm – 4:18 pm
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