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Weekly Update: May 10th

“Like a good mother, Mother Mary is close to us, so that we may never lose courage before the adversities of life”

Pope Francis

Wishing ALL of our AMAZING Canadian Martyrs’ Moms a Very Special Mother’s Day!!!

“The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.”

St. Therese of Lisieux


Please join us in congratulating Anthony S. in Gr. 8, who is this year’s recipient of the Student Award of Excellence! Each year across Halton, a graduating student from gr. 8 and gr. 12 from each school are recognized for their commitment to excellence in Catholic Education as well as their Leadership. Anthony captures these qualities in his humble demeanour and always strives to include and support others. Thank you Anthony for your leadership! Please see the following link on our website for more information: The Student Award of Excellence 2021

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as “Caring Family Members”; Amy A., Elena B., Bradley B & Deacon C! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with our community!

Congratulations to the following families for your ranking in our 1st Trivia Night: 1st place- Truong Family, 2nd Place- MacDonald Family &  3rd Place the Szufranowicz Family!

Thank you:

Thank you to Kyler M for all of your effort & time in organizing our Family Kahoot Night ~ Our community had a FANTASTIC evening!

Thank you to our AWESOME Catholic School Council for organizing fabulous prizes for our families for our Kahoot Evening!

Thank you to ALL of the families that were able to join us for our Kahoot Evening~ it was a GREAT success! Thank you for the feedback & we are looking forward to gathering again in June!

Thank you Mrs. Spence-Smith for organizing our 1st Virtual Book Fair~ our students have been so excited!!!!

Thank you Mme. Di Pronio & Mme Pietrantoni for organizing the AMAZING French Presentation by Steven Etienne Langlois ~ our students were very engaged and their French Speaking Abilities were “Tres Impressionnant”!

Thank you to Mrs. Spence-Smith for organizing an engaging author visit for all of our students from KDG to gr. 3…looks like we have quite a few “budding” illustrators in our community!

Thank you to the Walk With Jesus Committee for a beautiful welcome message and liturgy during our Catholic Education Week – view it here at: Walk With Jesus 2021 ,if you missed it on Thursday!

Thank you to our @CMartyrs community for your commitment to treating everyone with dignity, kindness and respect each and every day!

Gentle Reminders:

Dress Loud Day- Friday, May 14th

May is Speech and Hearing Month and is a time to raise public awareness about hearing, speech, language, and communication. As a part of May Month activities, The Halton Chapter of VOICE for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children is launching their annual Dress Loud Day. Dress Loud is a school spirit day that encourages all participants to dressing their loudest, wackiest outfits to create awareness about the impact of hearing loss. On Friday May 14th, we are encouraging all of our staff, students and their families to “GET LOUD”! Please remember to tweet out your pictures and tag @CMartyrsHCDSB #DressLoudDay2021.

Spring Fundraiser

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve chosen to be a part of the Plantables School Fundraising Program for 2021. We’re aiming to raise $3000 to raise funds to for school technology (chromebooks & laptops)  and every box of plants you buy helps us get closer to that goal. (We receive 10% of the total of every order you place.) 

Who are Plantables? Plantables are an exciting new startup based in Forest, Ontario that grow healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plants and ship them to arrive at your door exactly when they need to go into the ground. That means that no matter how busy you are, how unsuccessful you’ve been at growing plants before or how many little hands want to help out, you’ll be able to grow brag-worthy fruits and veggies in no time. All you have to do is pick what plants you want to grow, choose when you want them delivered and wait for your box of garden-ready plants to arrive on your doorstep. 

How does the program work? All you have to do is tell everybody you know to go to If you want to buy garden-ready fruit and vegetable plants for your garden, make sure you enter the code [Plants2021] at the checkout. 
We’re really excited to be launching a fundraiser that involves growing healthy fruits and veggies and spending time as a family instead of selling unhealthy snacks door-to-door, and we can’t wait to see how much we all can raise.

Thank you for ALL of your support & kind consideration,

The Canadian Martyrs Catholic School Council

Free Family Paint Nights

Our HCDSB Indigenous Education Advisor has organized three free on-line paint nights with Indigenous Artist Moses Lunham.  This is a wonderful way of engaging staff, parents, students and family members to come together in community, to be creative and learn more about Indigenous Art.  All information for the paint nights, pictures and supplies will be posted on the HCDSB webpage.

Each session will have a different theme based on the natural cycle of the environment.  All sessions will be on the HCDSB YouTube Channel from 6 pm – 8 pm.

  • Wednesday June 9th, 2021 – Strawberry being the First Fruit of the Season

Moses Lunham will provide step-by-step instructions, provide encouragement and has agreed to leave the live video up for a period of one week between each session. 

Faith & Well-Being Resources
Recognizing that the extension of remote learning will create additional burdens on our families and staff.
Here are a list of supports for families to access during this difficult time: 

Promoting Well-Being – Mental Health for All Children and Youth

What is meant by “child and adolescent mental health”?

  • The term “child and adolescent mental health” refers to the social, emotional, and behavioural well-being of children and adolescents, and is considered an integral part of healthy development.
  • Just as with physical health, no one goes through life without some mental health problems. This is as true in childhood and adolescence as it is in adulthood.
  • Many such problems are a normal part of life. For the most part, we learn and grow from them.
  • For children and adolescents, however, adult awareness, sensitivity, and guidance often are very important to help them to learn and grow from such problems.
  • For some children and adolescents, the problems are serious enough that supports and guidance from the main adults in their lives (e.g., parents and teachers) are not sufficient, and specialized assistance is needed. Without such assistance, the problems can cause much stress and heartache to the children and adolescents, as well as to their families, their teachers, and the community. In addition, such problems can lead to even more serious mental health problems in adulthood.

What can parents do?

  • The daily activities of parents and families, as well as parents’ positive relationships with their children and adolescents, actively promote the mental health of their children and adolescents.
  • Parents’ roles and relationships impact children and adolescents’ feelings of self-worth, dignity, identity, and belonging. Through interactions with their children and adolescents, parents are in a unique position to strengthen these important elements of mental health.
  • Parents also are in an excellent position to observe mood changes or behaviours that seem excessive or unusual, perhaps lasting longer than average, which could indicate a mental health problem requiring consultation and intervention.
  • “Sometimes you just can tell that something is not right.”


Please Follow us on Twitter @CMartyrsHCDSB & consider tweeting out/sharing pictures of your family learning & spending time together ~ We MISS our students faces and the laughter & joy in our hallways & classrooms!

Looking Ahead:

First Holy Communion-postponed
May 8 all day
Catholic School Council Meeting
May 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Catholic School Council Mtg # 5
May 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
First Holy Communion-postponed
May 15 all day
Council of Chairs Mtg
May 19 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Victoria Day- no school
May 24 all day
Rainbow Day
Jun 1 all day
PA Day- no school for students
Jun 4 all day
Indigenous Art- Family Paint Night
Jun 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Feast Day
Jun 11 all day
Cronin-Nowitsky, LouiseWeekly Update: May 10th