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Weekly Update: March 1st

“We can support one another & face every kind of challenge with courage & hope, when we draw our strength from Jesus.”

 Pope Francis

Thank you:

Thank you to all of our students & staff for your support with Pink Shirt Day! It was wonderful to see and hear about all the different ways that we can “Lift One Another Up!”

Thank you Mr. Silviera for keeping our school so clean and SAFE!

Thank you Mrs.Thompson & Mrs. Phillips for all of your support in welcoming our new KDG families to our community!

Thank you parents for your support and kindness in our Kiss n Ride area ~ there has been a GREAT improvement!

Gentle Reminders:

School Uniform Action Plan & Parent Information Evening

Please refer to the email sent on Thursday, February 25th  regarding our Uniform Action Plan that was reviewed at our February 1st Catholic School Council Meeting. Please be advised that we will be holding a Virtual Information meeting via Teams on Wednesday, March 3rd @ 7pm ~ All are welcome!

Please find the following link to attend the meeting: Click here to join the meeting

Our School Uniform Vote will take place between Thursday, March 4th to Thursday, March 11th. Voting will take place in the following manner:

Families with in person learners: A numbered paper ballot will be sent home in an envelope with your child on Wednesday, March 3rd – please note it is one ballot per family for students in KDG to gr. 6 only. Please complete the ballot and send it to school with your child. Your child’s teacher will collect it and deliver it to the main office.

Virtual Families: A numbered electronic ballot will be emailed to you directly, one you have completed it please email the ballot to:

Families NEW to our school for KDG: A numbered paper ballot will be mailed to your home. Please complete it and either mail to the school or return it to our mailbox located at our Main Entrance- Door 1.

ALL ballots are due by Thursday, March 11th , 2021.

We will announce the outcome of the vote to our community on Monday, March 15th via school email.

UPDATE! Changes to Daily Screening Tool & Isolation Requirements 

1. Updates to the COVID-19 School Screening Tool 

The COVID-19 School Screening Tool has been changed and will now require students and staff with any new or worsening symptoms of COVID-19, even those with only one (1) symptom, must stay home until: 

  • They receive a negative COVID-19 test result.; OR 
  • They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional.; OR  
  • It has been 10 days since their symptom onset, and they are feeling better. 

The new single-symptom screening criteria in the COVID-19 daily screening tool has now been applied and is in effect as of this afternoon. 

Parents and guardians are reminded to complete theCOVID-19 School Screening Toolfor each child every day before leaving home for school or child care: 

2. Self-Isolation Requirements for Families in a Household 

The Ministry of Health has now indicated that all individuals living in the same household are now required to self-isolate when a family member has COVID-19 symptoms, even if the family member only has one (1) symptom.  

The following isolation requirements now apply: 

  • All members in a household of a symptomatic individual are required to self-isolate until the individual: 
  • Receives a negative COVID-19 test result; OR 
  • Receives an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional. 
  • If someone in your household tests positive, or is not tested and does not receive an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional:   
  • This individual must isolate (including from others in your household) for 10 days from the date of experiencing symptoms. AND 
  • All members of the same household must isolate for 14 days from their last date of exposure with the symptomatic family/household member. 

Remote Learning Survey

This school year, in order to address health and safety concerns due to COVID-19,  we implemented remote (online) learning as an option for instruction delivery for students. 

At the elementary school level, we launched a Virtual Elementary School that offers remote learning for elementary school students for families who do not want their children attending school in person.   

At the secondary school level, we implemented a hybrid instructional model that offers a blend of in-person and remote learning for secondary students. 

On January 4, as per the direction of the Minister of Education, all schools moved to teacher-led remote learning. The period of remote learning remained in place until Friday, February 4, 2021. 

At this time, we would like to hear your feedback on the remote learning experience for your children and family.  

About this Survey  

This survey will help us to better understand how remote learning is going so far, from your perspective. The feedback we receive will be used to inform us about areas that are going well and the areas that may need improvement so we can continue to build on our practices. 

The survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and responses will be kept confidential. Although we hope to hear from all HCDSB families, responding to this survey is entirely voluntary

If you have more than one child attending an HCDSB school, please think about your youngest child as you complete the survey. You may complete additional surveys for your other children once you have submitted your responses, if desired.  

Complete the Remote Learning Check-in Survey  

Here is a link to the Remote Learning Check-in Survey:  

The survey will remain open until Tuesday, March 2, 2021.   

If you have any technical questions while completing the survey, please email

The Next Opportunity to Request a Change in Learning Environment 

The third and final opportunity for parents and guardians to request a change in learning environment for their children will be offered between March 11 and March 18, 2021. The requested changes will take effect on Monday, March 29th, and will remain in effect for the duration of this school year. The link to the online form to request a change will be emailed to all parents and guardians on March 11, 2021.   

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Your input is valuable to us, and will help us improve our practices so that we can continue to provide a quality Catholic education that is flexible and engaging.  ~ HCDSB

Inclement Weather

Parents are reminded to visit our website for important information and reminders regarding our Inclement Weather procedures and the Inclement Weather Transportation Zones map:  

Looking for notifications on bus delays and cancellations?
Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) provides important information for parents and students who ride the bus to and from school. Bus delays and cancellation information can be found directly on the Delays & Cancellations page.

Dressing for Winter Weather

We kindly request that parents ensure your child is dressed each day to play outside at recess. Students are able to be outside for all regular outside activities when it is warmer than -15 C. When temperatures range between -15C to -20C, students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minute intervals, once temperatures are colder than -20C students must remain inside. We kindly request that all students from KDG to gr. 4 to wear snow pants for recess and outdoor lunch time. All students must bring their winter boots each day, as all students will be on the field over lunch hour or recess. ~thank you for your support with this!

New to KDG ~ Ready, Set, Go! Virtual Information Sessions 

This March, HCDSB staff are hosting: Ready, Set, Go! virtual information sessions for parents of children starting kindergarten in September 2021!

Ready, Set, Go! is an interactive presentation offered to help parents better prepare their children for kindergarten.  

Two sessions will be offered: March 9th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and March 11th from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  

Topics will include: 

  • How to prepare your child emotionally and physically for school 
  • The importance of learning through play 
  • Being able to manage your child’s stress  
  • Fostering secure relationships 
  • Packing healthy lunches 
  • A checklist for starting school 

For more information about the Ready, Set, Go! virtual sessions, visit the Board’s website on the Kindergarten page. A link for parents to tune into the live sessions will become available on the Board’s website on March 9 and March 11, 2021. We hope you are able to join us!

Have a Question about Your Child Starting School?
Parents who have questions about their child starting school in September are invited to submit their questions through an online form: Submit Your Questions ~ Ready, Set, Go! The form will be available for input prior to the virtual information sessions.HCDSB Curriculum staff will be answering the frequently asked questions during the live sessions in March. 

For more information about Kindergarten and the upcoming Ready, Set, Go! virtual information sessions, visit the Board’s website on the Kindergarten page.

We hope you are able to join us on March 9th or March 11th!

Promoting Well-Being – Get moving for a natural boost of happiness

Winter in Canada isn’t always exactly a smooth experience. Regardless of the province you call home, dealing with the tumultuous conditions that come between November and March (OK, and sometimes April), may leave us feeling lethargic, depressed and tired.

From frigid temperatures to limited sunlight exposure to spending too much time indoors, more and more Canadians are fighting the ‘winter blues’. More accurately, many of us each year are fighting seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the clinical diagnosis for those feeling depressed during a particular season each year, usually fall or winter.

But, hold the phone for a minute. Before we get even more down on ourselves, and start booking impulsive trips to the Caribbean, why not try getting active instead? While everyone needs a good beach trip and some poolside time now and then, physical activity is a simple and effective way of combatting the winter blues without the hefty price. In fact, getting active can help all Canadians feel better in many aspects of their lives.

Read below for more details on why you should be getting active during some of the bitterest weeks the season has to offer:

Improved feelings of happiness – Like we mentioned above, one of the first benefits you will see after getting active is a likely boost in your overall happiness. When you get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring, your brain releases feel-good chemicals such a dopamine, serotonin and endorphins that leave you feeling upbeat and happier.

Better sleep – We could all use a little bit more shuteye in our lives, right? Especially when we’re feeling a beat down by winter. Thankfully, by getting active, we are setting ourselves up for optimal sleep, as adults who meet the weekly requirements of 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity report feeling more rested and less tired during the day then those who didn’t. And when you Sleep Better, you feel more alert and ready to tackle the day. Looking for another way to get more sleep? 

Boosted immune system – Being active obviously improves our overall fitness, but it can also boost our immune systems, too. In one study, women who walked for 30 minutes every day for a year reported half the number of colds than those who didn’t. Physical activity may also help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways reducing chances of colds as well as flus.

Spring might feel like it’s right around the corner, but as Canadians, we know all too well that we’re still in for a few rough weeks of winter. So, if you’re feeling like you could use a big ol’ boost of energy and happiness, try getting active.

Looking Ahead:

School Uniform Meeting @7pm via Teams
Mar 3 all day
School Uniform Vote March 4th-11th
Mar 4 all day
Winter Carnival – Red, White & Black Spirit Day
Mar 11 all day
School Uniform Vote Announcement – March 15th
Mar 15 all day
Spirit Day- St. Patrick’s Day!
Mar 17 all day
Gr. 8 Grad Pictures
Mar 18 all day
Gr. 8 Grad Pictures
Mar 19 all day
Catholic School Council Meeting #4
Mar 29 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Holy Thursday ~ Stations of the Cross @ 1:15pm
Apr 1 all day
Good Friday
Apr 2 all day
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