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School Uniform Vote

Please find the following important information regarding our Upcoming School Uniform Vote.

 We will be holding a Virtual Information meeting via Teams on Wednesday, March 3rd @ 7pm ~ All are welcome!

Please find the following link to attend the meeting: Click here to join the meeting

Our School Uniform Vote will take place between Thursday, March 4th to Thursday, March 11th.

Voting will take place in the following manner:

Families with in person learners: A numbered paper ballot will be sent home in an envelope with your child on Wednesday, March 3rd – please note it is one ballot per family for students in KDG to gr. 6 only. Please complete the ballot and send it to school with your child. Your child’s teacher will collect it and deliver it to the main office.

Virtual Families: A numbered electronic ballot will be emailed to you directly, one you have completed it please email the ballot to:

Families NEW to our school for KDG: A numbered paper ballot will be mailed to your home. Please complete it and either mail to the school or return it to our mailbox located at our Main Entrance- Door 1.

ALL ballots are due by Thursday, March 11th , 2021.

We will announce the outcome of the vote to our community on Monday, March 15th via school email.

Thank you for your support & participation!

Please find the following information Regarding the Voting Process:

Results of the School Uniform Vote- Monday, March 15th, 2021

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