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Weekly Update: October 19th

“When we listen to the Word of God, we obtain the courage and perseverance to offer the best of ourselves to others.”

 Pope Francis


Please join me in saying good bye to Mrs. Hajas, from our Rm 5 Kindergarten Team. Mrs. Hajas is moving to Hungary with her husband. We wish her well and thank her for her years of service to our school community!


Welcome back to our students who are returning from the Virtual School this Monday ~ we are excited to see you in person. Please know we will greatly miss our students who are transitioning from in person to virtual school ~ you are ALL a very special part of our community!

Thank you:

A very special THANK YOU to all of those parents who have gone on line and participated in our School’s Fundraiser this year! Now more than ever, we need your support! Please review the Fundraising Letter that was emailed to all of our families on Tuesday, October 13th for details on how you can help!

Thank you to all of our staff for your work in preparing & virtually welcoming our parents into your classroom! Please remember parents, you are always welcome to contact your child’s teacher with any questions!

Thank you to our parents for taking the time to  learn about your child’s learning environment this year! It may be different, but our teachers have gone above & beyond in creating a safe & welcoming place for your child to live & learn each day!

Thank you to Mrs. Bell for her support with the Minds Up Program ~ We are very excited that all of our students will be participating this year!

Gentle Reminders:

Mind Up:

Your child/children will be starting the MindUP Program in their class on Monday, October 19th, Unit One, Getting Focused will teach them how their brains respond to stress and give them the opportunity to practice strategies for quieting their minds.  Starting with lesson one, How our Brain Works ~ In this lesson your child/children will be introduced to the three parts of the brain involved in thinking and learning, Amygdala, Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex.  They will understand how their feelings arise and what they can do to change their automatic response (fight, flight or freeze).  Over the course of the next two weeks, when you have some time at dinner, ask you child/children to explain the three parts of the brain!


This year we will be having a Halloween Spirit Day~ Friday, October 30th~ in which all of our students & staff are invited to wear their Halloween Costume or Wear Orange & Black. Although we can not host our Traditional Halloween Dance, staff are planning special activities for ALL of our students!

Please remember, Halloween is a great time to dress up and have fun with costumes. In our Catholic education community, we want to promote respect, inclusion and empathy for all individuals. As students and staff select Halloween costumes, we encourage everyone to reflect critically, be mindful of cultural appropriation and create welcoming school environments for all.

The following are suggested questions to reflect on when choosing a costume to avoid being disrespectful or offensive:

  • Is my costume making fun of a group of people, their culture or religion?
  • Does my costume reinforce jokes and stereotypes about certain groups, cultures or religions?
  • Am I altering my skin color, facial/body features to make it darker or like a particular race, ethnicity,
  • or cultural group?
  • Am I dressing up as a culture or borrowing from a religion that is not my own or is not part of my background?
  • Do I understand and respect the history or tradition of the culture that I am borrowing my costume from?

*PLEASE NOTE: students will not be allowed to bring any props that resemble weapons or wear Halloween Masks that cover the entire face. All students should be wearing their face masks, as outlined in our board policy. Please ensure that the costume is not a tripping hazard and students (especially KDG) can independently manage their costume while accessing the washroom.

Thank you parents for your support for ensuring that your child’s costume is appropriate for school!

St. Paul the Apostle Parish Update

First Communion and Confirmation Update:

To all parents of children in Grade 2: Registration information for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion is now available on the parish website at the following link:  St. Paul First Communion Page

Please refer to the letter that was emailed to all Gr. 2 parents on Friday, October 16th.

To all parents of children in Grade 7: Registration information for the sacrament of Confirmation is now available on the parish website at the following link:

St. Paul Confirmation Page

Please refer to the letter that was emailed to all Gr. 7 parents on Friday, October 16th.

Mass Update:

  • The weekend masses continue to have room for those wishing to attend. Please try to arrive early to secure seating and remember that our volunteer ushers are there to seat everyone in order to utilize the limited capacity seating as best possible. Masks are required to enter the church and must be kept on during the mass.
  • The parish also continues to livestream them mass via Facebook Sunday at 9:00 am and a recorded version of this is kept up on the Facebook page to be watched when suited.

Knights of Columbus Bottle Drive:

  • The parish Knights of Columbus group are hosting a second bottle drive in the parking lot on October 17th and 18th from 10 am to 1pm (home pick up of donated bottles can be arranged via the Knights directly)
  • The proceeds from the bottle drive will go to assist the various charities supported by the Knights

Halton Alive:

  • There are many events and activities going on at Halton Alive and you are encouraged to view their website  to see what is happening and to learn more about getting involved and helping out

Daily Screening & Symptoms Protocol

Parents and guardians are reminded to monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in your children and to complete the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool for Schools each morning before sending your children to school.

What to Do If Your Child Has COVID-19 Like Symptoms
When a child is sick with new or worsening COVID-19 like symptoms, parents and guardians must follow one of the following three options:

Have your child tested for COVID-19 and keep them home to self-isolate until the test results are revealed; test results will indicate the next steps.


If your child has an alternative diagnosis provided by a health care provider, they may return to school once it has been at least 24 hours since their symptoms have started improving.


Keep your child home to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days. They may return to school after the 14-day period once it has been at least 24 hours since their symptoms have started improving.

The updated screening tool offers a more comprehensive checklist of the type and number of symptoms needed for a child to stay home for a period of time and seek medical advice.

Please note that the COVID-19 School Screening Tool is not to be used as a clinical assessment or intended to take the place of medical advice; a diagnosis or treatment.

The online COVID-19 Screening Tool will be updated soon to include these new revisions.

In the meantime, you are asked to keep screening your children for COVID-19 each day using the updated guidelines in the link below:

October 1st Update – COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children

SafeArrival Student Absence Reporting

The safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. Please use the automated student attendance management system SafeArrival to report your child’s absence.

The SafeArrival system is available 24/7, allowing you to report your child’s absence in one of three ways:

  1. using the SchoolMessenger® mobile app
  2. by logging into the SchoolMessenger®  web site
  3. by calling into an interactive toll-free phone line

enhances our existing student attendance procedure, making it more convenient for parents to report a child’s absence, and more efficient for our school office staff to follow up sooner on unexplained absences.

Promoting Well-Being: 12 Tips to Help Your Kids Have Fun Cleaning Their Rooms

Ed Gough, Jr. | Oct 2, 2020

Getting your kids to clean their rooms can be easy with the right approach

Make cleaning time fun by getting organized and talking to your kids in a way that engages them.

Organizing Techniques:

1. Develop realistic expectations. Children often view their room as the space they can control. This is especially true for pre-teens and teens, who are often seeking privacy. You do need to guard against any health hazards, especially if your kids have dust allergies. On the other hand, it’s okay to value a happy family life over keeping every surface pristine.

Don’t worry – most kids who throw their clothes on the floor & still grow up to be responsible adults!

2. Set a good example. Kids always pay more attention to what you do than to what you say. If you put away your clothes, they’re more likely to follow your lead eventually. By taking care of your belongings and creating an orderly environment, you send a message that these are good habits.

3. Ban food in the bedroom. Except for water, keeping food out the bedroom will prevent many messes from ever happening. Eating in the kitchen and dining room also encourages more family time and less excessive snacking.

4. Clear away clutter. It may be difficult to clean if you’ve got too many possessions. Make a family tradition of regularly getting rid of unused or worn-out items. Let kids help pick the charity where they want to donate their old toys. Alternately, have a garage sale and share the profits with your kids.

5. Invest in storage solutions. Make it easy for kids to keep everything in its proper place and you can all spend a lot less time straightening up. Put frequently used items on lower shelves and hooks where small children can reach them. Get big bins for large items and small bins to keep items with multiple parts organized.

6. Teach your kids how to clean. Kids will be less resistant to cleaning if they feel confident about basic tasks. Praise them for helping you dust or make the beds so they’ll learn by observing and imitating.

7. Break cleaning sessions down into manageable chunks. Children have limited attention spans. Cleaning for 10 or 15 minutes at a time will often get better results than marathon sessions.

8. Do some regular maintenance. It’s easier to keep a neat room tidy. Make morning or evening pick-up times a daily ritual. Do a little dusting before your Saturday outings.

Communication Techniques:

 1. Invite your child’s input. Help your child to value their surroundings by giving them a voice in decorating their room. They can help shop for storage systems or choose wall art they like.

2. Work together. Household tasks can be a time for you and your child to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Small children need plenty of guidance when cleaning. As they get older, you can back off a little on supervising and just do some spot-checking.

3. Develop educational games. Cleaning games are a great way to entertain and educate small children. Drill them on vocabulary by naming household items, or play counting games as you roll up socks.

4. Offer choices and rewards. Everyone likes to be given choices. Ask your child if they want to clean their room before or after soccer practice. Use positive praise and rewards to reinforce good behaviour.

Most children have messy rooms from time to time. Set reasonable standards and communicate effectively to make cleaning fun and efficient. You’ll be rewarded with a better relationship with your kids and a neater home.


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Looking Ahead:

Halloween Spirit Day
Oct 30 @ 2:59 pm – 3:59 pm
First Communion Make-Up Date
Nov 7 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Catholic School Council Meeting #2
Nov 9 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Remembrance Day Liturgy
Nov 11 @ 11:00 am – 11:45 am
Gr. 4 Gifted Screening- Mr. Martin’s Class
Nov 24 all day
Progress Reports Go Home
Nov 24 all day
Council of Chairs- Virtual
Nov 25 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Gr. 4 Gifted Screening- Mrs. Rosato’s Class
Nov 26 all day
Student Led Conferences/ Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov 26 @ 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm
PA Day – Student Led Conferences/Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov 27 all day
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