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Weekly Update: June 19th

“Praying together, walking together, working together: this is the way that leads to Christian Unity”

Pope Francis

Congratulations Class of 2020 - Spirit and Pride - Alumni ...

A very special Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!!! We are so incredibly proud of your accomplishments, your perseverance and your resilience! God Bless you ALL!

Please join me in Congratulating Mrs. Kattis, our Primary Team Member Teacher and Mr. Gaudet, our custodian on their Retirement. We wish you our best as you begin this next chapter and we thank you for all of your commitment to our community!

Wishing ALL of our Canadian Martyrs’ Dads a Wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!

Thank you:

Thank you to our INCREDIBLE teaching staff who have been in the school organizing your child’s belongings, cleaning out lockers and prepping for our curbside pick up!

Thank you to our Gr. 7 & 8 Parents for your support & patience during the Curbside Pick Up of your child’s belonging!

A very special thank you to the Gilmour Family for all of your time & effort in organizing our special Gr. 8 Graduation Yearbook!

Thank you to Mrs. Ciarloni, Ms. Dobson, Mr. Murray, Mme Pietrantoni, Mme Di Pronio, Ms. Makariak, Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Phillips for all of your time & creativity in preparing for our Graduation Celebration ~ I know our Gr. 8 Students and their families will greatly appreciate your efforts!

Thank you to all of our families who continue to support the Burlington “Front Porch Clap” in support of our essential workers! Please remember to show your support each Friday evening at 7pm ~ TOGETHER Let’s make some NOISE & show our appreciation!!!

Gentle Reminders:


We will be celebrating our Gr. 8 Graduation on Monday, June 22nd between 9:30-11:30. All appointments have been booked to pick up the following items; Diplomas, Awards, Lawn Signs & a Special Gr. 8 Yearbook. Parents please check with your child or contact their teacher for your appointment. Please note, under the direction of Public Health and our Board, Parents and Students must remain in their vehicles. We are hoping that when our graduates return home with their families that they take some pictures and either post them on twitter or send them to : to be posted on our school’s account! The Graduation Ceremony Movie will be sent directly via email to our Gr. 8 Families at 7pm on Monday evening and then posted on our School Website for our community to enjoy!

We are encouraging our community to “Make Some Noise” and honk your horns when you see our Graduates’ Lawn Signs displayed proudly on their front lawns!!!

Talent Show

Thank you to all of our students who forwarded submissions for our Talent Show. We will be sending a link to via email on Thursday, June 24th for all of our families to enjoy! A very special thank you to Mrs. Ferreira and Mrs. Mauro for all of your work on this!

End of The Year Slide Show

Mrs. Ciarloni has prepared an ‘End of the Year’ Slide show to help us celebrate and commemorate the school year. Please look for an email with a link on Friday, June 26th, the last day of school!

Distribution of Report Cards

This year, in light of the school closures due to COVID-19, student report cards will be delivered electronically. The report cards will be delivered directly to parents and guardians by email on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. 

Parents and guardians will need their child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN) in order to access the report card. Your child’s OEN number can be found on a previous report card.  

The Ministry has waived the expectation for both a teacher and parental signature for this reporting period.  The School Principal’s electronic signature will appear on all student report cards. 

As with all reporting periods, parents and guardians may contact their child’s teacher to arrange a time to discuss the report card. 

You are also welcome to contact school administration with any questions or should you require further clarification. 

Curbside Pick Up of Student Belongings

Our Gr. 7 &  8 Curbside Pick up  was completed on Thursday, June 18th. Please note all unclaimed belongings will be discarded.

Our Kindergarten Team has made alternative arrangements with their families, please ensure you contact your child’s teacher if you did not receive information regarding the return of your child’s belongings.

Our Gr. 1-6 ‘Curbside Pick Up‘ will take place on the following Days; Tuesday June 23, Wednesday June 24 & Thursday June 25.

Please note when scheduling your appointment, parents will need to book the day and time listed for your child’s teacher. Due to our school size we are not able to accommodate family pick up times, parents will need to book times for each child in your household.

Please find the following instructions to support you in booking an appointment:
1. Go to the scheduling webpage at  
2. Enter the Access Code (printed below) and click “Sign In”
     Please make a note of your Confirmation #
3. Fill in your contact information and click “Continue to Make Appointments”
4. Click on your student’s classroom teacher’s name
5. Click on “Available” for a time at which you wish to attend the school
6. Click on “My Schedule” (top left of the page)
7. Print out, email or copy down your appointment time
The Access Code for this term is
Do not share this code with anyone outside your school community

The above link to schedule an appointment will close on Monday, June 22nd at 9:00 am.

We will have the following ready for you to pick up at door ten:

  • Personal belongings in lockers, desks and cubbies 
  • EpiPens® or other medications

Please bring the following for Drop Off: 

  • Technology (devices) borrowed 
  • Special education equipment 
  • Sports uniforms
  • Library books
  • Textbooks
  • Musical instruments and mouth pieces (where applicable)

Please note that all devices/technology will need to be returned by the end of June

Courtesy Seats on School Buses for the 2020-2021 School Year

Families with children who take the bus to school are advised that the application process for receiving courtesy seats on school buses will be delayed for the 2020-21 school year. Due to physical distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it may not be possible to grant courtesy seats or the process may be delayed for next school year.

However, parents and guardians can continue to submit a Courtesy Seat Application, and will be notified via email once a decision on this process has been made.

Please note that there is no guarantee that a courtesy seat will be offered if you submit an application, or if your child had a courtesy seat in the past. Visit the Halton Student Transportation Services website for more information:

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

Promoting Well-Being Mental Health Family Stress

  • When we first become parents, the hopes and dreams we have for our children are boundless. These tiny little humans who we have sworn to nurture, protect and love without condition have a lifetime of opportunities awaiting them. But life is unpredictable, and we face challenges for which we are unprepared. No matter how fiercely we fight to protect our children, there are some things in life we can’t control. According to the World Health Organization, 20% of adolescents (age 10-19) will experience a mental health condition, and now with families facing life during the Coronavirus, those mental health conditions will intensify. In the article Mental health and psychological resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization outlines the impact that COVID-19 can have on children and families and makes recommendations on how to handle this unprecedented time.
  • When a loved one, especially one of our children has a mental health disorder, the added stress it brings to the other members of the family can be overwhelming. Not only are there day to day challenges, but when an extreme crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic hits, managing life becomes much more difficult. If your family is coping with the stress of a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder, here are some tips to bring a little peace to your life and ease some of the anxiety in the home.
  1. Build family relationships – 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis.
  2. Find a support system – Resources for Supporting Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19.
  3. Learn to cope with fear and anxiety – 7 Ways to Support Kids and Teens Through the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  4. Be an advocate – Coping With Anxiety and Depression During the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  5. Stop blaming yourself – Helping Children Cope with Emergencies.
  6. Take a break – How to Look After Your Mental Health During a Pandemic.
  • Whether you are new to this journey or have been on this road for a long time, it is always a good idea to check in with yourself and your family. The stress of caring for someone with a mental health condition can make you feel powerless. With a strategy in place for dealing with the obstacles ahead, you and your family can stay strong together.



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Looking Ahead:

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Jun 22 all day
Last Day of School
Jun 26 all day
Catholic School Council Meeting #1
Oct 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
First Communion Make-Up Date
Oct 10 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Thanksgiving Day~ No School
Oct 12 all day
First Communion Make-Up Date
Oct 17 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
First Communion Make-Up Date
Nov 7 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Progress Reports Go Home
Nov 24 all day
Student Led Conferences/ Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov 26 @ 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm
PA Day – Student Led Conferences/Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov 27 all day
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