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Weekly Update: January 20th

“In worship, we make it possible for the Lord to transform us by His love, to kindle light amid our darkness, to grant us strength in weakness & courage amid trials”

 Pope Francis

Thank you:

Thank you to Mrs. Ciarloni, Ms. Dobson & Ms. Makariak for your support in preparing our Gr. 7 students for the sacrament of Confirmation, which takes place on Saturday February 22nd @11:00am!

Thank you Mr. Murray for organizing the “Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw Competition”  at Notre Dame on Saturday, January 18th.

Thank you to Mme Pietrantoni, Mme Di Pronio & Mrs. Kattis, as preparations for “Carnival” have begun. This year Carnival will be held on Thursday, February 27th!

Thank you Mr. Gowan for organizing a floor hockey team for our gr. 4s & 5s, they had an awesome time!

Thank you Mr. Murray for all of your time & commitment in coaching both the boys & girls intermediate Basketball teams.

Thank you Ms. Bell for organizing the colouring club for our female students in gr. 4, 5 & 6!

Thank you Mrs. Ciarloni, Mrs. Pellegrini & Mrs. Rosato for organizing our Battle of the Books Team!

Gentle Reminders:

Labour Negotiations Update:

Our school will be CLOSED to students on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 as a result of the recent announcement by OECTA of a province-wide, one-day full withdrawal of services. Although classes will be cancelled on Tuesday, January 21st, our school office will remain open for Advanced Kindergarten Registration on January 21st.  Please refer to the following link for Labour Negotiation Updates; Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kindergarten Registration will be taking place on Tuesday January 21st and Wednesday January 22nd. If you have a child who will be starting Kindergarten in September, please contact the office to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Thompson ~thank you!

Our Milk Program begins this coming week. If you ordered milk for your child for Tuesday January 21st, it will be given to them on Wednesday January 22nd due to the Labour Disruption.

Please note the change of date for our next Catholic School Council Meeting. Our next meeting date is Monday, January 27th @ 6:30-8pm ~ all parents are welcome to attend!

Parents Night In @ ND

You are invited to attend Notre Dame’s Parents Night In on Wednesday January 22nd from 6-8pm featuring presentations on various topics ranging from anxiety & resilience to normal child/teen development.   This year, we will be providing games and activities in the gym for school age children so that every parent can attend. Please refer to the following flyer for details & registration; Parents Night In- Jan. 22nd 2020.pdf . We hope to see you there!

Emergency Procedures

Over the next several weeks we will be holding our Lock Down & Bomb Threat Drills as part of our Emergency Procedures. Please reassure your child that we practice these drills to ensure their safety and they are a part of the regular routine for all schools ~ thank your for your support with this!

South Parking Lot & Kiss n Ride 

We kindly request that parents refrain from using the South Parking Lot Before or After School for drop off or pick up, due to student safety. Thank you for your support & attention to this matter. Thank you for your support  in our Kiss n’ Ride area, as its been running very smoothly! Please note with the expected snowfall, this area will be very busy on Monday morning. We appreciate your kind words & patience as we remember that we have many young children looking to us to model this behaviour.

HCDSB Library Services

Please note that the HCDSB’s Library Services has updated their website and they have FANTASTIC digital resources that students & parents can access at home! Please go to :  and then go to  Learn 360- Classroom Video on Demand: .

Gr. 8 Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

We will be holding a Fundraiser to help cover the cost of the Graduation Trip. Please see the email sent home on Monday January 13th for further details. The Fundraiser will run from Monday January 20th to Wednesday January 29th , with a delivery date of Wednesday, February 12th. Please make all purchases using Cash on Line. Thank you for your consideration & support!

Inclement Weather Reminder

Please check out the HCDSB website for the Inclement Weather procedure & info on school emergency closures & bus cancellations.

Please ensure your child is dressed each day to play outside at recess. Students are able to be outside for all regular outside activities when it is warmer than -15 C. When temperatures range between -15C to -20C, students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minute intervals, once temperatures are colder than -20C students must remain inside. When we have inclement weather before school, students may enter the building @ 8:45am, using door 6 (KDG door) or door 2 ( Primary/ Jr door).

Reminder Lunches and Snacks

Please be aware that we have several children in our school who live with a severe life-threatening food allergy to peanuts and nuts (anaphylaxis).  Please choose items carefully when sending lunches and snacks to school.  Please be extra vigilant to avoid sending treats that contain nuts or traces of nuts.  (REMINDER: Alternate “peanut butter” spreads are difficult to differentiate from the real product and make monitoring student safety a challenge.  Please do not send “peanut butter” look-alike products to school. Please not that McDonald’s is not allowed, as they can not guarantee that their products have not come into contact with nuts or traces of nuts) Thank you for your continued cooperation in ensuring the safety of our anaphylactic students!

Pizza Lunch Days

Please note, Pizza Lunch Days are every other Friday. We have one more Pizza Day from our Term 1 orders on Friday January 24th. Our Term 2 Orders begin on Friday, February 7th.

Please ensure to send your child with a lunch on Friday January 24th if you have not purchased Pizza for Term 1. ~Thank you for your support & attention to this matter!

 PA Day

Please note Friday January 31st is a PA Day, there will be no school for students on this day.

School Uniform Provider – Public Consultation 

Please be advised that the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is seeking feedback from parents, students and staff on our next school uniform provider. We will hold our next school uniform vote in the Spring of 2021, as directed by our Board Policy. See more info at

Promoting Well-Being What is Family Literacy?

Family literacy focusses on parents, grandparents and other family members to improve the reading and writing skills of the whole family.

By reading to children and engaging in fun literacy activities regularly, adults actively keep their own skills sharp and also help children improve their skills.

Family literacy activities strengthen the relationship between family members which, in turn, encourages lifelong learning.

Without adult support and a strong foundation at home, a child is less likely to be successful and engaged in school.

Family Literacy Statistics

Children spend five times as much time outside the classroom as they do in school, so parents and caregivers need the tools to support their learning (The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, 2006).

Children whose parents are involved with them in family literacy activities score 10 points higher on standardized reading tests (The Effect of Family Literacy Interventions On Children’s Acquisition of Reading: From Kindergarten to Grade 3, Conducted by Monique Sénéchal for the National Center for Family Literacy, 2006).

One year of parental education has a bigger positive impact on whether a son or daughter will attend a postsecondary institution than an extra $50,000 in parental income (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, 2011)

A mother’s reading skill is the greatest factor to affect her children’s future academic success, outweighing other factors, like neighborhood and family income (National Institute of Health, 2010).

Parents’ reading habits play a large role in determining how often kids read: 57% of kids who are frequent readers have parents who read books 5–7 days per week, compared to only 15% of kids who are infrequent readers (Kids and Family Reading Report – Scholastic, 2017).

Almost 40% of Canadian youth do not have suitable literacy skills (TD Canada Trust, Literacy Matters: A Call to Action).

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 Looking Ahead:

KDG Registration 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Jan 21 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
KDG Registration 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Jan 22 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Parent Night In @ ND
Jan 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Lunch Basket
Jan 22 @ 7:53 pm – 8:53 pm
Pizza Day – Term 1
Jan 24 all day
Holocaust Memorial Day
Jan 27 all day
Catholic School Council Mtg @6:30-8pm
Jan 27 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Lunch Basket
Jan 29 @ 7:53 pm – 8:53 pm
Pita Lunch
Jan 30 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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