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Weekly Update: December 9

“This Advent, make yourself small, make yourself a servant of others, and the Lord will give you the ability to understand how to make peace.”

 Pope Francis


Congratulations to our Gr. 2 students on receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Thursday, December 5th! A very special thank you to Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Shaw, the St. Paul the Apostle Parish Team and the gr. 2 parents & families for your support!

Congratulations to the following students who received the OCGE award for being ‘Effective Communicators’; Emma K., Jackson M., Rebecca B., & Madalyn R.!

Thank you:

Thank you to our Choir for sharing your gifts & talents with the Sisters of Notre Dame! A special thank you to Madame Pietrantoni, Mrs. Ferreira, Mr. Martin & Mrs. Lefevre for all of your time & commitment ~ WOW 79 choir members is remarkable!

Thank you to our AMAZING school community for your generosity in supporting our Giving Tree & Winter Clothing Drive ~ Hamilton CCAS was very grateful for ALL of the donations!

Thank you to our families who were able to donate Lego for our Maker’s Space! Please note we are still accepting donations ~ thank you for your consideration!

Thank you to our AMAZING staff & who have been preparing for our upcoming Christmas Concert for our parents to enjoy & make some wonderful memories!

Gentle Reminders:

Celebrating Advent as a Family

One of the most common ways to celebrate Advent is with an Advent wreath or Advent candle holders. Four candles (three purple and one pink), are used to count down the weeks until Christmas. Each Sunday of Advent one of the candles is lit and special prayers are said. Each Sunday of Advent has a particular theme leading up to the birth of Christ. The second Sunday, December 8th, of Advent symbolizes Faith with the “Bethlehem Candle” reminding us of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.  Read from more about the Advent Wreath Tradition and Meaning (information taken from the Catholic Company).

Christmas Concert

Our School Community is very excited about our upcoming Christmas Concerts this week! We would like to remind parents & guests that students will be in class during the concert and we kindly request that parents & guests do not go to the classrooms either during, before or after the Christmas Concert. If you would like to sign out your child after their performance, we would ask that you write a note in your child’s agenda and then after the concert meet your child in the office area.  Please be advised that concert tickets will not be given out at the performance. Thank you for your support!

Our Concert Dates are as follows:

Wednesday, December 11th

@10:00am ~ yellow ticket    Gr. 3- 6  with Gr. 7/8 Instrumental & Choir

@1:15pm ~red ticket             KDG to Gr.2 with Gr. 7/8 Instrumental & Choir

 Thursday, December 12th 

@10:00am~cream ticket       KDG- Gr. 2 with Gr. 7/8 Instrumental & Choir

@1:15pm~white ticket          Gr. 3-6 with Gr. 7/8 Instrumental & Choir

*Please note we will be opening up our playground area in the back of the school for parents to park in during the concert.

Joy Day Donations

We are looking for the following items for our upcoming Joy Day; Christmas stickers, Christmas stationary, mini glue gun sticks, Christmas napkins & plastic Christmas table clothes.

If you are able to donate, please send the items into school with your child by Wednesday, December 11th. Thank you for your consideration!

Food Drive

In support of the Kindness Club’s initiatives, the Mission Club will be having a Christmas Food Drive (Monday, December 9 to Friday, December 13).  All donations will be given to the ‘Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton‘.  They are in dire need of the following non perishable food items: pasta, rice, noodles, canned vegetables and fruit, pasta sauce, snacks, cookies, juice boxes, chocolates, crackers, jello and puddings, oatmeal, cereal, jam, honey and soup. Many thanks for your continuous support and donations.  We are very blessed to be part of a generous, kind and wonderful school community!

Please note on Friday, December 20th all schools in Halton will be Dismissed Early. Our students will be dismissed @2pm. Busses will be following this schedule, please ensure that you have made the necessary arrangements to meet your child. ~ Thank you!

MacDonald Lunches

Please be advised that McDonald’s Restaurants can not guarantee that all products on their menu are nut free, and they may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts of other allergens. We would like to remind you of the HCDSB’s Policy regarding our Anaphylaxis protocol  to. As a school, we can never guarantee an allergen free environment but we strategies in place to provide a “minimized allergen environment”.  One way in which that occurs is reminding parents and students to AVOID bringing products into the school that contain these ingredients (or may contain).  We kindly request that parents and students to REFRAIN from bringing these products into the school, whether they be food items from your home or those from a restaurant, as we have several students with Life Threatening Allergies. ~ Thank you for your support with keeping all of our students & staff safe!

Inclement Weather Reminder

Please refer to the HCDSB website for the Inclement Weather procedure & info on school emergency closures & bus cancellations.

Inclement Weather Days ~School Entry

Please note on mornings when we need to go to our inclement duty schedule, students will be able to enter the school building @ 8:45am using Door 6 (by the KDG gate) or Door 2 (primary junior door).

Promoting Well-Being – Healthy Snack Ideas

Including a healthy snack in your child’s lunch bag can provide a nutritious boost of energy! Please keep products “that may contain nuts” at home for consumption.

When preparing snacks, choose from the four food groups that make up Canada’s Food Guide:

  • Vegetables and fruits:broccoli, carrots and peppers
  • Grain products:whole grain bread, pita or crackers
  • Milk and alternatives:a serving of milk
  • Meat and alternatives: egg, legumes, lean meat and tofu

Try these yummy child-friendly ideas:

  • Yogurt topped with granola and berries
  • Fruits and vegetables such as carrots and broccoli
  • Grilled vegetables such as red peppers or eggplant
  • Whole grain crackers topped with slices of pear and cheese
  • Fruit cup with cottage cheese


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Looking Ahead:

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